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NCBG - Penny's Bend

Penny's Bend Nature Preserve is an 84-acre site surrounded on three sides by the Eno River in eastern Durham County, North Carolina. The Preserve has the distinction of being U.S Army Corps of Engineers property that is sub-leased by the State of North Carolina Division of Water Resources and managed by the North Carolina Botanical Garden through the Botanical Garden Foundation, Inc.

Last Update: 2020-01-01

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id_plant scientific common duration habit height thumb detail
ACGR2 Acalypha gracilens Shortstalk Copperleaf Annual Forb/herb to 2 1/2 ft. detail
ACRH Acalypha rhomboidea Common Threeseed Mercury Annual Forb/herb 6–24 in. detail
ACMI2 Achillea millefolium Common Yarrow Perennial Forb/herb detail
AESY Aesculus sylvatica Painted Buckeye Perennial Tree, Shrub 3-16 ft. detail
AGSE3 Agalinis setacea Threadleaf False Foxglove Annual Forb/herb 6-27 in. detail
AGNE2 Agastache nepetoides Yellow Giant Hyssop Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb 2-5 ft. detail
AGPA6 Agrimonia parviflora Harvestlice Perennial Forb/herb 2 1/2-6 ft. detail
AGPU Agrimonia pubescens Downy Agrimony Perennial Forb/herb 1-4 ft. detail
AGPE Agrostis perennans Autumn Bentgrass Perennial Graminoid detail
AIAL Ailanthus altissima Copal Tree Perennial Tree detail
ALVI Allium vineale Onion-grass Perennial Forb/herb 1-4 ft. detail
ALSE2 Alnus serrulata Tag Alder Perennial Tree, Shrub 15 feet detail
AMAR2 Ambrosia artemisiifolia Annual Ragweed Annual Forb/herb 1-6 ft. detail
AMAR3 Amelanchier arborea Downy Serviceberry Perennial Tree, Shrub 15-25 ft. detail
ANTE2 Andropogon ternarius Split-beard Bluestem Perennial Graminoid 1.5-4 ft. detail
ANCO2 Anthemis cotula Dog-fennel Annual Forb/herb 12-20 in. detail
APCA Apocynum cannabinum Indian-hemp Perennial Forb/herb 1-4.5 ft. detail
ARCA Arabis canadensis Canada Rockcress Biennial Forb/herb 1-4 ft. detail
ARDR3 Arisaema dracontium Green Dragon Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 ft. detail
ARAT Arnoglossum atriplicifolium Pale Indian-plantain Perennial Forb/herb 3-8 ft. detail
ARHI3 Arthraxon hispidus Basket Grass Annual Graminoid detail
ASCA Asarum canadense Wild Ginger Perennial Forb/herb 2–8 in. detail
ASAM Asclepias amplexicaulis Clasping Milkweed Perennial Forb/herb 2-3 ft. detail
ASSY Asclepias syriaca Common Milkweed Perennial Forb/herb 3-6 ft. detail
ASTU Asclepias tuberosa Butterfly Milkweed Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
ASVE Asclepias verticillata Whorled Milkweed Perennial Forb/herb 8-24 in. detail
ASVI Asclepias viridiflora Green Comet Milkweed Perennial Forb/herb to 2 1/2 ft. detail
ASPL Asplenium platyneuron Ebony Spleenwort Perennial Forb/herb 1 ft. detail
AUVI Aureolaria virginica Downy Oak-leech Perennial Forb/herb 1-5 ft. detail
BAHA Baccharis halimifolia Eastern Baccharis Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
BAAUM Baptisia australis var. minor Blue Wild Indigo Perennial Forb/herb detail
BAVU Barbarea vulgaris Common Winter-cress Biennial Forb/herb 1-2.5 ft. detail
BIAR Bidens aristosa Ditch-daisy Annual, Biennial Forb/herb to 6 ft. detail
BIBI7 Bidens bipinnata Spanish Needles Annual Forb/herb 1-5 ft. detail
BIFR Bidens frondosa Devil’s Beggar-ticks Annual Forb/herb 1-4 ft. detail
BICA Bignonia capreolata Cross-vine Perennial Vine to 30 feet or more detail
BLCI Blephilia ciliata Downy Woodmint Perennial Forb/herb 1-2.5 ft. (Spread 1-1.5 ft.) detail
BOCY Boehmeria cylindrica False-nettle Perennial Forb/herb 2-5 ft. detail
BRCO4 Bromus commutatus Hairy Chess detail
BRJA Bromus japonicus Japanese Brome detail
BRPU6 Bromus pubescens Common Eastern Brome Perennial Graminoid detail
BUAR3 Buglossoides arvensis Corn Gromwell Annual Forb/herb 6-20 in. detail
CARA2 Campsis radicans Trumpet Creeper Perennial Vine up to 40 ft detail
CACO26 Cardamine concatenata Cutleaf Toothwort Perennial Forb/herb 8-12 in. detail
CAHI3 Cardamine hirsuta Hairy Bittercress Annual Forb/herb 3-15 in. detail
CAAN6 Carex annectens Yellow-fruited Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CACA15 Carex caroliniana Carolina Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CACE Carex cephalophora Oval-leaved Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CAFE3 Carex festucacea Fescue Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CAFL3 Carex flaccosperma Thinfruit Sedge Perennial Graminoid 8-12 in. detail
CAGR8 Carex gracilescens Slender Loose-flowered Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CALA19 Carex laxiflora Broad Loose-flowered Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CALE6 Carex leavenworthii Leavenworth’s Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CALU5 Carex lurida Sallow Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CANO Carex normalis Greater Straw Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CAOX Carex oxylepis Sharp-scaled Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CARA8 Carex radiata Eastern Star Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CAVU2 Carex vulpinoidea Fox Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CACA18 Carpinus caroliniana Ironwood Perennial Tree, Shrub 13-50 ft. detail
CAAQ2 Carya aquatica Bitter Pecan Perennial Tree detail
CAOV2 Carya ovata Common Shagbark Hickory Perennial Tree detail
CEAM Ceanothus americanus New Jersey Tea Perennial Subshrub, Shrub 3-4 ft. detail
CELA Celtis laevigata Southern Hackberry Perennial Tree, Shrub 65–100 ft. detail
CETE Celtis tenuifolia Dwarf Hackberry Perennial Tree, Shrub 6-36 ft. detail
CEOC2 Cephalanthus occidentalis Buttonbush Perennial Tree, Shrub 4-8 ft. detail
CEGL2 Cerastium glomeratum Sticky Chickweed Annual Forb/herb 2-18 in. detail
CHPRP Chaerophyllum procumbens var. procumbens Common Spreading Chervil Annual Forb/herb 6-18 in. detail
CHNI2 Chamaecrista nictitans Sensitive Partridge Pea Annual, Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb 4-20 in. detail
CHLA5 Chasmanthium latifolium River Oats Perennial Graminoid 2-4 ft. detail
CHMA3 Chimaphila maculata Spotted Wintergreen Perennial Subshrub 4-8 in. detail
CHVI3 Chionanthus virginicus Fringe-tree Perennial Tree, Shrub to 25 ft. detail
CIIN Cichorium intybus Blue-sailors Biennial, Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
CIMA2 Cicuta maculata Spotted Water Hemlock Biennial, Perennial Forb/herb 2-6 ft. detail
CIAR2 Cinna arundinacea Common Woodreed Perennial Graminoid detail
CIAL2 Cirsium altissimum Tall Thistle Biennial Forb/herb detail
CIRE2 Cirsium repandum Sandhill Thistle Perennial Forb/herb to 2 ft. detail
CIVU Cirsium vulgare Bull Thistle Biennial Forb/herb 3-6 ft. detail
CLOC Clematis ochroleuca Curlyheads Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb 3 ft. detail
CLVI4 Clematis viorna Northern Leatherflower Perennial Vine Climbs 8-10 feet or more detail
CLMA4 Clitoria mariana Butterfly Pea Perennial Vine, Forb/herb to nearly 2 ft. long detail
COCO3 Commelina communis Asiatic Dayflower Annual Forb/herb 12-32 in. detail
CODI5 Commelina diffusa Creeping Dayflower Annual, Perennial Forb/herb detail
COVI3 Commelina virginica Virginia Dayflower Perennial Forb/herb 8-34 in. detail
COCO13 Conoclinium coelestinum Blue Mistflower Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
COFL2 Cornus florida Flowering Dogwood Perennial Tree, Shrub 12-36 ft. detail
COFL3 Corydalis flavula Short-spurred Corydalis Annual Forb/herb 4-12 in. detail
CRCR2 Crataegus crus-galli Cockspur Hawthorn Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
CRFL2 Crataegus flava Yellowleaf Hawthorn Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
CRMA3 Crataegus macrosperma Eastern Hawthorn Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
CRGLS Croton glandulosus var. septentrionalis Doveweed Annual Subshrub, Forb/herb 8-24 in. detail
CRCA9 Cryptotaenia canadensis Canadian Honewort Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
CUOR Cunila origanoides American-dittany Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb 8-16 in. detail
CYCR6 Cyperus croceus Baldwin’s Flatsedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CYEC2 Cyperus echinatus Globe Flatsedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CYER2 Cyperus erythrorhizos Redrooted Flatsedge Annual, Perennial Graminoid detail
CYLA3 Cyperus lancastriensis Many-flowered Flatsedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CYPS Cyperus pseudovegetus Green Flatsedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CYST Cyperus strigosus False Nutsedge Perennial Graminoid detail
DAGL Dactylis glomerata Cock’s-foot Perennial Graminoid detail
DASP2 Danthonia spicata Moonshine Grass Perennial Graminoid detail
DACA6 Daucus carota Carrot Biennial Forb/herb 1-6 ft. detail
DEAC4 Deparia acrostichoides Silvery Spleenwort Perennial Forb/herb detail
DECA8 Desmodium canescens Hoary Tick-trefoil Perennial Forb/herb 2-4 ft. detail
DECI Desmodium ciliare Hairy Small-leaf Ticktrefoil Perennial Forb/herb 1-5 ft. detail
DENU4 Desmodium nudiflorum Naked Tick-trefoil Perennial Forb/herb 4-12 in. and to 3 ft. (flowering stem) detail
DEPE80 Desmodium perplexum Perplexed Ticktrefoil Perennial Forb/herb detail
DEVI4 Desmodium viridiflorum Velvetleaf Ticktrefoil Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb 2-5 ft. detail
DICU Dicentra cucullaria Dutchman’s Breeches Perennial Forb/herb 4-12 in. detail
DIACF Dichanthelium acuminatum var. fasciculatum Slender-stemmed Witchgrass Perennial Graminoid detail
DIBO2 Dichanthelium boscii Bosc’s Witchgrass Perennial Graminoid detail
DICO2 Dichanthelium commutatum Variable Witchgrass Perennial Graminoid detail
DILA9 Dichanthelium laxiflorum Open-flower Witchgrass Perennial Graminoid detail
DISC3 Dichanthelium scoparium Velvet Witchgrass Perennial Graminoid detail
DIIS Digitaria ischaemum Smooth Crab Grass Annual Graminoid detail
DISA Digitaria sanguinalis Northern Crab Grass Annual Graminoid detail
DITE2 Diodia teres Poorjoe Annual, Perennial Forb/herb 6-18 in. detail
DIVI4 Dioscorea villosa Wild Yam Perennial Vine, Forb/herb to 23 ft. long detail
DIVI5 Diospyros virginiana American Persimmon Perennial Tree 35-60 ft. detail
ECLA Echinacea laevigata Smooth Purple Coneflower Perennial Forb/herb 1 1/2-4 ft. detail
ECCO2 Echinochloa colona Jungle-rice Annual Graminoid detail
ECCR Echinochloa crus-galli Barnyard-grass Annual Graminoid detail
ELOB2 Eleocharis obtusa Blunt Spikerush Annual, Perennial Graminoid detail
ELQU Eleocharis quadrangulata Squarestem Spikerush Perennial Graminoid detail
ELCA3 Elephantopus carolinianus Carolina Elephantsfoot Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
ELVI Elymus villosus Downy Wild-rye Perennial Graminoid detail
EPVI2 Epifagus virginiana Beechdrops Annual Forb/herb 4-18 in. detail
EPCO Epilobium coloratum Bronze Willow-herb Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
ERRE Eragrostis refracta Coastal Lovegrass Perennial Graminoid detail
ERSP Eragrostis spectabilis Purple Lovegrass Perennial Graminoid to 20 inches detail
ERAN Erigeron annuus Annual Fleabane Annual Forb/herb 2-5 ft. detail
EUAM9 Euonymus americanus Heart’s-a-bustin’ Perennial Forb/herb, Subshrub 4-6 ft. detail
EUAL2 Eupatorium album White Thoroughwort Perennial Forb/herb to 3 ft. detail
EUCA5 Eupatorium capillifolium Common Dog-fennel Perennial Forb/herb 1 1/2-6 ft. detail
EUHY Eupatorium hyssopifolium Hyssopleaf Eupatorium Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
EUPE3 Eupatorium perfoliatum Boneset Perennial Forb/herb 3-4 ft. detail
EUCO10 Euphorbia corollata Eastern Flowering Spurge Perennial Forb/herb 1 1/2-3 ft. detail
EUSP Euphorbia spathulata Prairie Spurge Annual, Perennial Forb/herb detail
EUDI16 Eurybia divaricata White Wood Aster Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 ft. detail
FAGR Fagus grandifolia American Beech Perennial Tree 50-80 feet detail
FESU3 Festuca subverticillata Nodding Fescue Perennial Graminoid detail
FIAU2 Fimbristylis autumnalis Slender Fimbry Annual Graminoid detail
FIDI Fimbristylis dichotoma Forked Fimbry Annual, Perennial Graminoid detail
FRVI Fragaria virginiana Virginia Strawberry Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 in. detail
FRAM2 Fraxinus americana American Ash Perennial Tree (15–)20–30(–50) m tall. detail
GAAP2 Galium aparine Cleavers Annual Vine, Forb/herb to 5 ft. detail
GACI2 Galium circaezans Forest Bedstraw Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb 6-22 in. detail
GAPI2 Galium pilosum Hairy Bedstraw Perennial Forb/herb 6-30 in. detail
GATI Galium tinctorium Southern Three-lobed Bedstraw Perennial Forb/herb 6-30 in. detail
GAPU3 Gamochaeta purpurea Spoonleaf Purple Everlasting Annual, Biennial Forb/herb 4-15 in. detail
GECA5 Geranium carolinianum Carolina Crane’s-bill Annual, Biennial Forb/herb 4-24 in. detail
GECA7 Geum canadense White Avens Perennial Forb/herb 1 1/2-2 1/2 ft. detail
GEVI4 Geum virginianum Cream Avens Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
GLHE2 Glechoma hederacea Gill-over-the-ground Perennial Forb/herb to 2 ft. (long) detail
GLTR Gleditsia triacanthos Honey Locust Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
GOPU Goodyera pubescens Downy Rattlesnake Plantain Perennial Forb/herb 4-15 in. detail
GRVI2 Gratiola viscidula Short’s Hedge-hyssop Perennial Forb/herb 4-20 in. detail
HAVI4 Hamamelis virginiana American Witch-hazel Perennial Tree, Shrub 8-20 ft.; width 8-20 ft. detail
HEDI2 Helianthus divaricatus Woodland Sunflower Perennial Forb/herb 2-7 ft. detail
HEMI3 Helianthus microcephalus Small-headed Sunflower Perennial Forb/herb 2-6 1/2 ft. (occasionally taller) detail
HEAM6 Heuchera americana American Alumroot Perennial Forb/herb 6-10 in. detail
HIMO Hibiscus moscheutos Crimson-eyed Rose-mallow Annual, Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb 4-6 ft. detail
HOLA Holcus lanatus Soft Grass Perennial Graminoid detail
HOCA4 Houstonia caerulea Azure Bluet Perennial Forb/herb 2-6 in. detail
HOPU2 Houstonia purpurea Summer Bluet Perennial Forb/herb 4-12 in. detail
HYGE Hypericum gentianoides Orange-grass Annual Forb/herb 6-20 in. detail
HYHY Hypericum hypericoides St. Andrew's Cross Perennial Subshrub, Shrub 1-3 ft. detail
HYMU Hypericum mutilum Common Dwarf St. John’s-wort Annual, Perennial Forb/herb 4-18 in. detail
HYNU Hypericum nudiflorum Early St. Johnswort Perennial Shrub, Subshrub detail
HYPU Hypericum punctatum Spotted St. John’s-wort Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 1/2 ft. detail
ILDE Ilex decidua Deciduous Holly Perennial Tree, Shrub 7-20 ft. detail
ILOP Ilex opaca American Holly Perennial Tree, Shrub 15-30 ft. tall, spread 10-20 ft. detail
IMCA Impatiens capensis Jewelweed Annual Forb/herb 3-5 ft. detail
IPHE Ipomoea hederacea Ivyleaf Morning-glory Annual Vine, Forb/herb to 6 ft. (long) detail
IPLA Ipomoea lacunosa White Morning-glory Annual Vine, Forb/herb 2-10 ft. detail
IPPA Ipomoea pandurata Man Of The Earth Perennial Vine, Forb/herb 4-16 ft. detail
IRCR Iris cristata Dwarf Crested Iris Perennial Forb/herb 4-6 in. detail
JUNI Juglans nigra Black Walnut Perennial Tree detail
JUAC Juncus acuminatus Sharp-fruited Rush Perennial Graminoid detail
JUBI Juncus biflorus Large Grass-leaved Rush Perennial Graminoid detail
JUBR Juncus brachycarpus Short-fruited Rush Perennial Graminoid detail
JUDI Juncus dichotomus Forked Rush Perennial Graminoid detail
JUSC Juncus scirpoides Needlepod Rush Perennial Graminoid detail
JUTE Juncus tenuis Path Rush Perennial Graminoid detail
JUAM Justicia americana American Water-willow Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
KALA Kalmia latifolia Mountain Laurel Perennial Tree, Shrub 10-15 ft. detail
LACA Lactuca canadensis American Wild Lettuce Annual, Biennial Forb/herb 4-10 ft. detail
LAPU2 Lamium purpureum Purple Dead-nettle Annual Forb/herb to 2 1/2 ft. (long) detail
LEOR Leersia oryzoides Rice Cutgrass Perennial Graminoid detail
LEVI2 Leersia virginica White Cutgrass Perennial Graminoid detail
LECU Lespedeza cuneata Chinese Lespedeza Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb 2-5 ft. detail
LEPR Lespedeza procumbens Downy Trailing Lespedeza Perennial Forb/herb detail
LERE2 Lespedeza repens Creeping Lespedeza Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
LEVI7 Lespedeza virginica Slender Lespedeza Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 1/2 ft. detail
LEVU Leucanthemum vulgare Common Daisy Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
LISQ2 Liatris squarrulosa Southern Blazing-star Perennial Forb/herb 2 to 6 ft. detail
LISI Ligustrum sinense Chinese Privet Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
LIDU Lindernia dubia Yellowseed False Pimpernel Annual, Biennial Forb/herb 4-8 in. detail
LILI3 Liparis liliifolia Lily-leaf Twayblade Perennial Forb/herb to 1 ft. detail
LIST2 Liquidambar styraciflua Sweet Gum Perennial Tree (10–)15–35(–45) m tall. detail
LITU Liriodendron tulipifera Tulip-tree Perennial Tree detail
LICA12 Lithospermum canescens Hoary Puccoon Perennial Forb/herb 4-20 in. detail
LOCA2 Lobelia cardinalis Cardinal Flower Perennial Forb/herb 2-4 ft. detail
LOIN Lobelia inflata Indian-tobacco Annual Forb/herb 6-36 in. detail
LOPU Lobelia puberula Downy Lobelia Perennial Forb/herb 2-4 ft. detail
LOSP Lobelia spicata Pale Spiked Lobelia Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
LOJA Lonicera japonica Japanese Honeysuckle Perennial Vine detail
LOSE Lonicera sempervirens Coral Honeysuckle Perennial Vine Climbs 8-10 ft. or more detail
LUAL2 Ludwigia alternifolia Alternate-leaf Seedbox Perennial Forb/herb 2-4 ft. detail
LUDE4 Ludwigia decurrens Wingleaf Primrose-willow Annual, Perennial Forb/herb 1-7 ft. detail
LUPA Ludwigia palustris Common Water-purslane Perennial Forb/herb 3-12 in. detail
LUEC Luzula echinata Spreading Wood-rush Perennial Graminoid detail
LYVI4 Lycopus virginicus Virginia Bugleweed Perennial Forb/herb 8-36 in. detail
LYCI Lysimachia ciliata Fringed Loosestrife Perennial Forb/herb 1-4 ft. detail
MARA7 Maianthemum racemosum Eastern Solomon’s-plume Perennial Forb/herb 10-24 in. detail
MADE3 Matelea decipiens Deceptive Spinypod Forb/herb detail
MAGO Matelea gonocarpos Western Anglepod Perennial Vine, Forb/herb detail
MEMU Melica mutica Two-flower Melic Grass Perennial Graminoid 1 - 2 ft detail
MEPE3 Melothria pendula Creeping Cucumber Perennial Vine, Forb/herb to 15 ft. long detail
MECA3 Menispermum canadense Moonseed Perennial Vine detail
MIVI Microstegium vimineum Flexible Sasa-grass Annual Graminoid detail
MIAL2 Mimulus alatus Sharpwing Monkeyflower Perennial Forb/herb 1-4 ft. detail
MORU2 Morus rubra Red Mulberry Perennial Tree 5–20(–25) m tall. detail
MUSC Muhlenbergia schreberi Nimblewill Perennial Graminoid detail
MUKE Murdannia keisak Marsh Dewflower Perennial Forb/herb 8-59 in. detail
NADO Nandina domestica Nandina Perennial Shrub detail
NYSY Nyssa sylvatica Black Gum Perennial Tree 60 plus feet detail
OEBI Oenothera biennis Common Evening Primrose Biennial Forb/herb 2-5 ft. detail
OEFR Oenothera fruticosa Southern Sundrops Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 ft. detail
ORUM Ornithogalum umbellatum Nap-at-noon Perennial Forb/herb 4-10 in. detail
OSLO Osmorhiza longistylis Anise-root Perennial Forb/herb 1--2 1/2 ft. detail
OSVI Ostrya virginiana American Hop-hornbeam Perennial Tree, Shrub 25-40 ft. detail
OXDI2 Oxalis dillenii Slender Yellow Woodsorrel Perennial Forb/herb 4-10 in. detail
OXVI Oxalis violacea Violet Wood-sorrel Perennial Forb/herb 4-8 in. detail
OXAR Oxydendrum arboreum Sourwood Perennial Tree, Shrub to 30 feet or more detail
PAAN6 Packera anonyma Small’s Ragwort Perennial Forb/herb 1-2.5 ft. detail
PAPA20 Packera paupercula Balsam Ragwort Perennial Forb/herb detail
PAAN Panicum anceps Beaked Panic Grass Perennial Graminoid detail
PAQU2 Parthenocissus quinquefolia Virginia Creeper Perennial Vine detail
PADI3 Paspalum dilatatum Dallis Grass Perennial Graminoid detail
PAFL4 Paspalum floridanum Florida Paspalum Perennial Graminoid detail
PALA10 Paspalum laeve Field Paspalum Perennial Graminoid detail
PAIN6 Passiflora incarnata Purple Passionflower Perennial Vine, Forb/herb to 12 ft. detail
PEAU Penstemon australis Sandhill Beardtongue Perennial Forb/herb 8-28 in. detail
PHPO2 Phaseolus polystachios Thicket Bean Perennial Vine, Forb/herb 6-20 ft. (long) detail
PHNIH Phlox nivalis ssp. hentzii Trailing Phlox Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb detail
PHLE14 Phoradendron leucarpum American Mistletoe Perennial Subshrub, Shrub detail
PHAM4 Phytolacca americana American Pokeweed Perennial Forb/herb 3-10 ft. detail
PIPU2 Pilea pumila Canadian Clearweed Annual Forb/herb 4 - 24 in. detail
PIEC2 Pinus echinata Rosemary Pine Perennial Tree (15–)20–35(–45) m tall. detail
PITA Pinus taeda Loblolly Pine Perennial Tree (20–)25–40(–55) m tall. detail
PIVI2 Pinus virginiana Jersey Pine Perennial Tree (5–)10–20(–30) m tall. detail
PLAR3 Plantago aristata Buckhorn Plantain Annual, Perennial Forb/herb to 6 in. detail
PLVI Plantago virginica Hoary Plantain Annual, Biennial Forb/herb 4-8 in. detail
PLOC Platanus occidentalis American Sycamore Perennial Tree 75-100 feet detail
PLPO2 Pleopeltis polypodioides West Indian Resurrection Fern Perennial Forb/herb, Vine detail
POAN Poa annua Annual Bluegrass Annual Graminoid detail
POCO Poa compressa Canada Bluegrass Perennial Graminoid detail
POTR2 Poa trivialis Rough Bluegrass Perennial Graminoid detail
POPE Podophyllum peltatum May-apple Perennial Forb/herb 12-18 in. detail
POAC4 Polystichum acrostichoides Christmas Fern Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 ft. detail
POCA17 Potentilla canadensis Dwarf Cinquefoil Perennial Forb/herb 2-4 in. detail
PORE5 Potentilla recta Sulphur Cinquefoil Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 1/2 ft. detail
PRAM Prunus americana American Wild Plum Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
PRAN3 Prunus angustifolia Chickasaw Plum Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
PTCA Ptilimnium capillaceum Atlantic Bishopweed Annual Forb/herb 6-60 in. detail
PYTE Pycnanthemum tenuifolium Narrow-leaf Mountain-mint Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 1/2 ft. detail
PYCA2 Pyrrhopappus carolinianus Carolina Desert-chicory Annual, Biennial Forb/herb 6-20 in. detail
QUAL Quercus alba White Oak Perennial Tree to 100 feet detail
QUCO2 Quercus coccinea Scarlet Oak Perennial Tree detail
QUFA Quercus falcata Southern Red Oak Perennial Tree (15–)20–30(–40) m tall. detail
QUPA2 Quercus palustris Pin Oak Perennial Tree detail
QUPH Quercus phellos Willow Oak Perennial Tree detail
QUSH Quercus shumardii Shumard Oak Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
QUST Quercus stellata Post Oak Perennial Tree to 85 feet detail
QUVE Quercus velutina Black Oak Perennial Tree to 80 feet x 40 feet detail
RAAB Ranunculus abortivus Kidneyleaf Buttercup Biennial, Perennial Forb/herb 6-24 in. detail
RAHI Ranunculus hispidus Bristly Buttercup Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 ft. detail
RASA Ranunculus sardous Sardinian Buttercup Annual, Biennial, Perennial Forb/herb detail
RHPE4 Rhododendron periclymenoides Pinxter-flower Perennial Shrub 4-6 ft. detail
RHGL Rhus glabra Smooth Sumac Perennial Tree, Shrub 9-15 ft. detail
RHCA12 Rhynchospora capitellata Brownish Beaksedge Perennial Graminoid detail
RHGL2 Rhynchospora globularis Globe Beaksedge Annual, Perennial Graminoid detail
RHGL3 Rhynchospora glomerata Clustered Beaksedge Perennial Graminoid detail
RHIN4 Rhynchospora inexpansa Nodding Beaksedge Perennial Graminoid 1-3 ft. detail
ROPS Robinia pseudoacacia Black Locust Perennial Tree detail
ROMU Rosa multiflora Multiflora Rose Perennial Vine, Subshrub detail
RORA Rotala ramosior Lowland Rotala Annual Forb/herb 2-15 in. detail
RUFL Rubus flagellaris Common Dewberry Perennial Subshrub detail
RUFU2 Rudbeckia fulgida Orange Coneflower Perennial Forb/herb 2-3 ft. detail
RULA3 Rudbeckia laciniata Green-head Coneflower Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb 3-7 ft. detail
RUCA4 Ruellia caroliniensis Carolina Wild Petunia Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 ft. detail
RUAC3 Rumex acetosella Common Sheep Sorrel Perennial Forb/herb 4-16 in. detail
RUCO2 Rumex conglomeratus Clustered Green Dock Perennial Forb/herb detail
SAAN Sabatia angularis Common Marsh-pink Annual Forb/herb 8-32 in. detail
SANI Salix nigra Black Willow Perennial Tree to 60 ft detail
SALY2 Salvia lyrata Lyreleaf Sage Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 ft. detail
SACA12 Sambucus canadensis Common Elderberry height and spread 8-12 feet detail
SACA13 Sanguinaria canadensis Bloodroot Perennial Forb/herb 6-12 in. detail
SAAL5 Sassafras albidum Sassafras Perennial Tree, Shrub to 30 feet detail
SACE Saururus cernuus Lizard’s Tail Perennial Forb/herb 1-4 ft. detail
SCCY Scirpus cyperinus Woolgrass Perennial Graminoid detail
SCGE2 Scirpus georgianus Georgia Bulrush Perennial Graminoid detail
SCOL2 Scleria oligantha Few-flowered Nutrush Perennial Graminoid detail
SCIN2 Scutellaria integrifolia Large-flower Skullcap Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 ft. detail
SCLA2 Scutellaria lateriflora Blue Skullcap Perennial Forb/herb 1-2.5 ft. detail
SETE3 Sedum ternatum Woodland Stonecrop Perennial Forb/herb 3-6 in. detail
SEPA10 Setaria parviflora Knotroot Bristlegrass Perennial Graminoid detail
SIVI4 Silene virginica Fire Pink Perennial Forb/herb 12-18 in. detail
SITE Silphium terebinthinaceum Prairie Rosinweed Perennial Forb/herb detail
SIMU3 Sisyrinchium mucronatum Needle-tip Blue-eyed-grass Perennial Forb/herb 4-16 in. detail
SMBO2 Smilax bona-nox Catbriar Perennial Shrub, Vine detail
SMGL Smilax glauca Cat Greenbrier Perennial Shrub, Vine detail
SMRO Smilax rotundifolia Bullbriar Perennial Shrub, Vine detail
SOAM Solanum americanum American Black Nightshade Annual, Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb detail
SOCA4 Solidago caesia Axillary Goldenrod Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
SOCAC3 Solidago canadensis var. canadensis Canada Goldenrod Perennial Forb/herb 2-5 ft. detail
SOGI Solidago gigantea Giant Goldenrod Perennial Forb/herb 2-6 1/2 ft. detail
SONEN Solidago nemoralis var. nemoralis Eastern Gray Goldenrod Perennial Forb/herb detail
SOPI Solidago pinetorum Small’s Goldenrod Perennial Forb/herb 2-3 ft. detail
SORU2 Solidago rugosa Rough-leaf Goldenrod Perennial Forb/herb 3-5 ft. detail
SOAS Sonchus asper Prickly Sow-thistle Annual Forb/herb 1-5 ft. detail
SONU2 Sorghastrum nutans Yellow Indiangrass Perennial Graminoid 6 ft. detail
SOHA Sorghum halepense Johnson Grass Perennial Graminoid detail
SPVE Spiranthes vernalis Spring Ladies’-tresses Perennial Forb/herb 8-35 in. detail
STTR Staphylea trifolia American Bladdernut Perennial Tree, Shrub 10-15 ft. detail
STHI3 Steinchisma hians Gaping Panic Grass Perennial Graminoid detail
STME2 Stellaria media Common Chickweed Annual, Perennial Forb/herb 4-16 in. detail
STPU Stellaria pubera Giant Chickweed Perennial Forb/herb 4-16 in. detail
STBI2 Stylosanthes biflora Pencil-flower Perennial Forb/herb 4-20 in. detail
STGR4 Styrax grandifolius Bigleaf Snowbell Perennial Tree, Shrub 8-12 ft. detail
SYOR Symphoricarpos orbiculatus Coralberry Perennial Shrub 2-5 ft. detail
SYLAL7 Symphyotrichum lateriflorum var. lateriflorum Starved Aster Perennial Forb/herb detail
SYUN Symphyotrichum undulatum Clasping Heart-leaf Aster Perennial Forb/herb 2-5 ft. detail
TAOF Taraxacum officinale Common Dandelion Perennial Forb/herb 2-12 in. detail
THRE Thalictrum revolutum Skunk Meadow-rue Perennial Forb/herb 4-5 ft. detail
THBA Thaspium barbinode Hairyjoint Meadowparsnip Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 1/2 ft. detail
THTRA Thaspium trifoliatum var. aureum Purple Meadowparsnip Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
TICOC Tiarella cordifolia var. collina Foamflower Perennial Forb/herb 6-12 in.; spread-1 ft. detail
TIDI Tipularia discolor Cranefly Orchid Perennial Forb/herb 4-20 in. detail
TORA2 Toxicodendron radicans Eastern Poison Ivy Perennial Shrub, Forb/herb, Subshrub, Vine detail
TRDI Trachelospermum difforme Climbing Dogbane Perennial Vine to 20 ft. long detail
TRUR2 Tragia urticifolia Nettleleaf Noseburn Perennial Vine, Forb/herb 1-2 ft. detail
TRDI2 Trichostema dichotomum Forked Bluecurls Annual Forb/herb 1-2 ft. detail
TRFL2 Tridens flavus Tall Redtop Perennial Graminoid detail
TRCA5 Trifolium campestre Field Clover Annual, Biennial Forb/herb 2-12 in. detail
TRDU2 Trifolium dubium Little Hop Clover Annual Forb/herb 2-8 in. detail
TRPR2 Trifolium pratense Red Clover Biennial, Perennial Forb/herb 6-22 in. detail
TRRE3 Trifolium repens Dutch Clover Perennial Forb/herb 4-12 in. detail
TRDA3 Tripsacum dactyloides Gama Grass Perennial Graminoid detail
ULAL Ulmus alata Winged Elm Perennial Tree (5–)10–20(–35) m tall detail
ULAM Ulmus americana American Elm Perennial Tree (10–)20–35(–50) m tall detail
ULRU Ulmus rubra Red Elm Perennial Tree (10–)15–25(–40) m tall detail
UVPE Uvularia perfoliata Perfoliate Bellwort Perennial Forb/herb 6-18 in. detail
VAPA4 Vaccinium pallidum Early Lowbush Blueberry Perennial Subshrub, Shrub detail
VARA Valerianella radiata Beaked Cornsalad Annual Forb/herb 4-18 in. detail
VEBL Verbascum blattaria Moth Mullein Biennial Forb/herb 2-5 ft. detail
VETH Verbascum thapsus Common Mullein Biennial Forb/herb 2-6 ft. detail
VEHA2 Verbena hastata Blue Vervain Biennial, Perennial Forb/herb 1 1/2-5 ft. detail
VESI Verbena simplex Narrowleaf Vervain Perennial Forb/herb 8-26 in. detail
VEUR Verbena urticifolia Velvetleaf Vervain Perennial Forb/herb 1 1/2-8 ft. detail
VEAL Verbesina alternifolia Common Wingstem Perennial Forb/herb 3-9 ft. detail
VEOC Verbesina occidentalis Southern Crownbeard Perennial Forb/herb 3-10 ft. detail
VEGL Vernonia glauca Broadleaf Ironweed Perennial Forb/herb 3-5 ft. detail
VENO Vernonia noveboracensis New York Ironweed Perennial Forb/herb 3-7 ft. detail
VEAR Veronica arvensis Corn Speedwell Annual Forb/herb 2-8 in. detail
VEHE2 Veronica hederifolia Ivyleaf Speedwell 2-14 in. detail
VIAC Viburnum acerifolium Maple-leaf Arrow-wood Perennial Shrub, Subshrub 5-6 ft. detail
VIPR Viburnum prunifolium Smooth Blackhaw Perennial Tree, Shrub to 25 ft. detail
VIRU Viburnum rufidulum Rusty Blackhaw Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
VISAN2 Vicia sativa ssp. nigra Garden Vetch Annual Vine, Forb/herb detail
VIBI Viola bicolor Field Pansy Annual Forb/herb 1 1/2-12 in. detail
VISO Viola sororia Common Blue Violet Annual, Perennial Forb/herb 2-8 in. detail
VICIF Vitis cinerea var. floridana Florida Grape Perennial Vine detail
WISI Wisteria sinensis Chinese Wisteria Perennial Vine detail
XAST Xanthium strumarium Cocklebur Annual Forb/herb 1-6 ft. detail
ZEAT Zephyranthes atamasca Atamasco Lily Perennial Forb/herb 6-8 in. detail
ZIAP Zizia aptera Heartleaf Golden-Alexanders Perennial Forb/herb 1-2.5 ft. detail
ZIAU Zizia aurea Common Golden Alexanders Perennial Forb/herb 1-2.5 ft. detail