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NCBG - Battle Park

On July 1, 2004, at the request of James Moeser, Chancellor of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the North Carolina Botanical Garden assumed responsibility for Battle Park, a wonderful wooded tract on the east side of campus and downhill from the Coker Arboretum. The park is named for Kemp Plummer Battle, president of UNC from 1876 to 1891, who laid out the original trail system and spent many happy and contemplative hours within the forest.

Last Update: 2019-03-13

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id_plant scientific common duration habit height thumb detail
ACGR2 Acalypha gracilens Shortstalk Copperleaf Annual Forb/herb to 2 1/2 ft. detail
ACRH Acalypha rhomboidea Common Threeseed Mercury Annual Forb/herb 6–24 in. detail
ACFL Acer floridanum Southern Sugar Maple 50–80 ft. detail
ACNEN Acer negundo var. negundo Ash-leaved Maple Perennial Tree detail
ACPA2 Acer palmatum Japanese Maple Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
ACSA3 Acer saccharum Sugar Maple Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
ACCA4 Acorus calamus European Sweetflag Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 1/2 ft. detail
ACRA7 Actaea racemosa Early Black-cohosh Perennial Forb/herb 3-8 ft. detail
AGAR4 Ageratina aromatica Small-leaved White Snakeroot Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 1/2 ft. detail
AGMI2 Agrimonia microcarpa Low Agrimony Perennial Forb/herb detail
AGPU Agrimonia pubescens Downy Agrimony Perennial Forb/herb 1-4 ft. detail
AGRO3 Agrimonia rostellata Beaked Agrimony Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 1/2 ft. detail
AGPE Agrostis perennans Autumn Bentgrass Perennial Graminoid detail
AIAL Ailanthus altissima Copal Tree Perennial Tree detail
AJRE Ajuga reptans Carpet Bugle Perennial Forb/herb detail
ALJU Albizia julibrissin Mimosa Perennial Tree, Shrub 33–50 ft. detail
ALCAC Allium canadense var. canadense Meadow Garlic Perennial Forb/herb 8-24 in. detail
ALVI Allium vineale Onion-grass Perennial Forb/herb 1-4 ft. detail
ALSE2 Alnus serrulata Tag Alder Perennial Tree, Shrub 15 feet detail
AMHY Amaranthus hybridus Green Amaranth Annual Forb/herb 2-6 ft. detail
AMSP Amaranthus spinosus Spiny Amaranth Annual Forb/herb 3-4 ft. detail
AMAR2 Ambrosia artemisiifolia Annual Ragweed Annual Forb/herb 1-6 ft. detail
AMBR7 Ampelopsis brevipedunculata Amur Peppervine Perennial Vine detail
AMTAT Amsonia tabernaemontana var. tabernaemontana Eastern Bluestar Perennial Forb/herb detail
ANVIV Andropogon virginicus var. virginicus Broomsedge Perennial Graminoid detail
ANAM8 Anemone americana Round-lobed Hepatica 2-7 in. detail
ANVIV2 Anemone virginiana var. virginiana Tall Anemone Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
ANVE Angelica venenosa Deadly Angelica Perennial Forb/herb 2-6 ft. detail
ANPAF Antennaria parlinii ssp. fallax Big-head Pussytoes Perennial Forb/herb 6-12 in. detail
ANPL Antennaria plantaginifolia Plantain Pussytoes Perennial Forb/herb 2 1/2-8 in. detail
ANSO Antennaria solitaria Singlehead Pussytoes Perennial Forb/herb 7-11 in. detail
ANAR6 Anthemis arvensis Corn Chamomile Annual Forb/herb 4-32 in. detail
ANOD Anthoxanthum odoratum Sweet Vernal Grass Perennial Graminoid detail
AQCA Aquilegia canadensis Eastern Columbine Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
ARSP2 Aralia spinosa Devil’s Walkingstick Perennial Tree, Shrub 12-15 ft. detail
ARAC3 Arnica acaulis Leopard’s-bane Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
ARAT Arnoglossum atriplicifolium Pale Indian-plantain Perennial Forb/herb 3-8 ft. detail
ARVU Artemisia vulgaris Common Mugwort Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb 2-6 ft. detail
ARIT Arum italicum Arum Perennial Forb/herb detail
ARGI Arundinaria gigantea Giant Cane Perennial Subshrub, Shrub, Graminoid detail
ASVA Asclepias variegata White Milkweed Perennial Forb/herb 2-3 ft. detail
ASPA18 Asimina parviflora Small-flowered Pawpaw Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
ASTR Asimina triloba Common Pawpaw Perennial Tree, Shrub height and spread 15-30 feet detail
ASPL Asplenium platyneuron Ebony Spleenwort Perennial Forb/herb 1 ft. detail
ATAS Athyrium asplenioides Southern Lady Fern 2-3 ft. detail
AUJA Aucuba japonica Aucuba Perennial Shrub detail
AUVI Aureolaria virginica Downy Oak-leech Perennial Forb/herb 1-5 ft. detail
BAHA Baccharis halimifolia Eastern Baccharis Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
BATI Baptisia tinctoria Rattleweed Perennial Forb/herb 2-3 ft. detail
BAVE Barbarea verna Early Winter-cress Biennial, Perennial Forb/herb 8-32 in. detail
BAVU Barbarea vulgaris Common Winter-cress Biennial Forb/herb 1-2.5 ft. detail
BETH Berberis thunbergii Japanese Barberry Perennial Shrub detail
BOCY Boehmeria cylindrica False-nettle Perennial Forb/herb 2-5 ft. detail
BOVI8 Botrypus virginianus Rattlesnake Fern detail
BRER2 Brachyelytrum erectum Common Shorthusk Perennial Graminoid detail
BRCA6 Bromus catharticus Rescue Grass Annual, Perennial Graminoid detail
BRJA Bromus japonicus Japanese Brome detail
BRPU6 Bromus pubescens Common Eastern Brome Perennial Graminoid detail
BRPA4 Broussonetia papyrifera Paper Mulberry Perennial Tree detail
BUAR3 Buglossoides arvensis Corn Gromwell Annual Forb/herb 6-20 in. detail
CAAM2 Callicarpa americana American Beautyberry Perennial Shrub 4-8 ft. detail
CAJA11 Callicarpa japonica Japanese Beautyberry Perennial Shrub 4-6 ft. detail
CASI16 Camellia sinensis Tea Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
CARA2 Campsis radicans Trumpet Creeper Perennial Vine up to 40 ft detail
CAAN11 Cardamine angustata Eastern Slender Toothwort Perennial Forb/herb 4-16 in. detail
CAHI3 Cardamine hirsuta Hairy Bittercress Annual Forb/herb 3-15 in. detail
CAPE3 Cardamine pensylvanica Pennsylvania Bittercress Annual, Biennial, Perennial Forb/herb 6-22 in. detail
CAAB5 Carex abscondita Thicket Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CACE Carex cephalophora Oval-leaved Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CACO22 Carex corrugata Prune-fruited Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CACRB Carex crinita var. brevicrinis Short-fringed Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CACRC2 Carex crinita var. crinita Long-fringed Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CAFL5 Carex floridana Florida Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CAHI6 Carex hirsutella Fuzzy Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CALA19 Carex laxiflora Broad Loose-flowered Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CALU5 Carex lurida Sallow Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CANI3 Carex nigromarginata Black-edged Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CAPI21 Carex pigra Lazy Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CAST17 Carex striatula Lined Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CAST9 Carex styloflexa Bent Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CATE7 Carex texensis Texas Sedge Perennial Graminoid 6-12 in. detail
CAUM4 Carex umbellata Parasol Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CAVU2 Carex vulpinoidea Fox Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CACA18 Carpinus caroliniana Ironwood Perennial Tree, Shrub 13-50 ft. detail
CACA38 Carya carolinae-septentrionalis Carolina Hickory Perennial Tree 65–100 ft. detail
CACO15 Carya cordiformis Bitternut Hickory Perennial Tree 50–115 ft. detail
CAIL2 Carya illinoinensis Pecan Perennial Tree detail
CAOV3 Carya ovalis Red Hickory Perennial Tree detail
CAPA24 Carya pallida Pale Hickory Perennial Tree detail
CAPU9 Castanea pumila Chinquapin Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
CASP8 Catalpa speciosa Northern Catalpa Perennial Tree detail
CEAM Ceanothus americanus New Jersey Tea Perennial Subshrub, Shrub 3-4 ft. detail
CEOR7 Celastrus orbiculatus Oriental Bittersweet Perennial Vine detail
CELA Celtis laevigata Southern Hackberry Perennial Tree, Shrub 65–100 ft. detail
CEOC Celtis occidentalis Common Hackberry Perennial Tree, Shrub 40-60 feet detail
CEHA2 Cephalotaxus harringtonia Japanese Plum-yew detail
CEFOV2 Cerastium fontanum ssp. vulgare Big Chickweed Biennial, Perennial Forb/herb 2-18 in. detail
CEGL2 Cerastium glomeratum Sticky Chickweed Annual Forb/herb 2-18 in. detail
CECAC Cercis canadensis var. canadensis Eastern Redbud Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
CHFAF Chamaecrista fasciculata var. fasciculata Common Partridge-pea Annual Forb/herb 6 in. - 1.5 ft. detail
CHLU Chamaelirium luteum Fairy-wand Perennial Forb/herb 1-4 ft. detail
CHGL2 Chelone glabra White Turtlehead Perennial Forb/herb 2-5 ft. detail
CHAL7 Chenopodium album Lamb’s-quarters Annual Forb/herb 1-10 ft. detail
CHMA3 Chimaphila maculata Spotted Wintergreen Perennial Subshrub 4-8 in. detail
CHVI3 Chionanthus virginicus Fringe-tree Perennial Tree, Shrub to 25 ft. detail
CHVIB2 Chrysogonum virginianum var. brevistolon Carolina Green-and-gold Perennial Forb/herb detail
CHVIV Chrysogonum virginianum var. virginianum Green-and-gold Perennial Forb/herb 2-10 in. detail
CHMA14 Chrysopsis mariana Maryland Golden-aster Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 ft. detail
CLTE4 Clematis terniflora Sweet Autumn Clematis Perennial Vine detail
CLHA Cleome hassleriana Spiderflower Annual Forb/herb, Subshrub 3-5 ft. detail
COCO3 Commelina communis Asiatic Dayflower Annual Forb/herb 12-32 in. detail
COCO13 Conoclinium coelestinum Blue Mistflower Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
COOD7 Corallorhiza odontorhiza Autumn Coralroot Perennial Forb/herb 4-8 in. detail
COAU Coreopsis auriculata Lobed Tickseed Perennial Forb/herb 6-8 in. detail
COAM2 Cornus amomum Silky Dogwood Perennial Shrub height and Spread 6 - 12 feet detail
COFL2 Cornus florida Flowering Dogwood Perennial Tree, Shrub 12-36 ft. detail
COFL3 Corydalis flavula Short-spurred Corydalis Annual Forb/herb 4-12 in. detail
COAM3 Corylus americana American Hazelnut Perennial Shrub 10-16 ft. detail
CRCR2 Crataegus crus-galli Cockspur Hawthorn Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
CRMA5 Crataegus marshallii Parsley Haw Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
CRUN Crataegus uniflora Dwarf Hawthorn Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
CRCA9 Cryptotaenia canadensis Canadian Honewort Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
CUOR Cunila origanoides American-dittany Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb 8-16 in. detail
CYBI6 Cyperus bipartitus Shining Flatsedge Annual Graminoid detail
CYEC2 Cyperus echinatus Globe Flatsedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CYRE5 Cyperus retrorsus Pineland Flatsedge Perennial Graminoid detail
CYST Cyperus strigosus False Nutsedge Perennial Graminoid detail
DAGL Dactylis glomerata Cock’s-foot Perennial Graminoid detail
DASE2 Danthonia sericea Silky Oat-grass Perennial Graminoid detail
DASP2 Danthonia spicata Moonshine Grass Perennial Graminoid detail
DACA6 Daucus carota Carrot Biennial Forb/herb 1-6 ft. detail
DEPU2 Dennstaedtia punctilobula Boulder Fern Perennial Forb/herb detail
DECA8 Desmodium canescens Hoary Tick-trefoil Perennial Forb/herb 2-4 ft. detail
DEGL4 Desmodium glabellum Dillenius’ Ticktrefoil Perennial Forb/herb 2-4 ft. detail
DELA2 Desmodium laevigatum Smooth Tick-trefoil Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
DENU4 Desmodium nudiflorum Naked Tick-trefoil Perennial Forb/herb 4-12 in. and to 3 ft. (flowering stem) detail
DENU5 Desmodium nuttallii Nuttall’s Tick-trefoil Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb detail
DEPAP2 Desmodium paniculatum var. paniculatum Panicledleaf Ticktrefoil Perennial Forb/herb detail
DEPE80 Desmodium perplexum Perplexed Ticktrefoil Perennial Forb/herb detail
DERO3 Desmodium rotundifolium Prostrate Ticktrefoil Perennial Forb/herb 1 1/2-5 ft. long detail
DETO Desmodium tortuosum Dixie Ticktrefoil Annual, Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb detail
DESC4 Deutzia scabra Fuzzy Pride-of-rochester Perennial Shrub detail
DIBO2 Dichanthelium boscii Bosc’s Witchgrass Perennial Graminoid detail
DICL Dichanthelium clandestinum Deer-tongue Witchgrass Perennial Graminoid detail
DICO2 Dichanthelium commutatum Variable Witchgrass Perennial Graminoid detail
DICOA2 Dichanthelium commutatum var. ashei Ashe’s Witchgrass detail
DIDID Dichanthelium dichotomum var. dichotomum Forked Witchgrass Perennial Graminoid detail
DILA9 Dichanthelium laxiflorum Open-flower Witchgrass Perennial Graminoid detail
DIVIV Dichanthelium villosissimum var. villosissimum White-haired Witchgrass Perennial Graminoid detail
DIBI Digitaria bicornis Asian Crabgrass Perennial Graminoid detail
DISA Digitaria sanguinalis Northern Crab Grass Annual Graminoid detail
DIVI3 Diodia virginiana Virginia Buttonweed Annual, Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb 4-18 in. detail
DIVI4 Dioscorea villosa Wild Yam Perennial Vine, Forb/herb to 23 ft. long detail
DIVI5 Diospyros virginiana American Persimmon Perennial Tree 35-60 ft. detail
DIDI8 Diphasiastrum digitatum Common Running-cedar detail
DRBR3 Drosera brevifolia Dwarf Sundew Annual, Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 in. detail
DYAM Dysphania ambrosioides Epazote Annual, Perennial Forb/herb, Subshrub 1-4 1/2 ft. detail
ECCO2 Echinochloa colona Jungle-rice Annual Graminoid detail
ECCR Echinochloa crus-galli Barnyard-grass Annual Graminoid detail
EICR Eichhornia crassipes Common Water Hyacinth Perennial Forb/herb to 6 in. detail
ELPU2 Elaeagnus pungens Autumn Silverberry Perennial Shrub detail
ELCA3 Elephantopus carolinianus Carolina Elephantsfoot Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
ELTO2 Elephantopus tomentosus Devil’s Grandmother Perennial Forb/herb 8-24 in. detail
ELIN3 Eleusine indica Goose Grass Annual Graminoid detail
ELHYH Elymus hystrix var. hystrix Eastern bottlebrush grass Perennial Graminoid 2-3 ft. detail
ELVIV Elymus virginicus var. virginicus Common Eastern Wild-rye Perennial Graminoid detail
EPVI2 Epifagus virginiana Beechdrops Annual Forb/herb 4-18 in. detail
EPRE2 Epigaea repens Ground Laurel Perennial Subshrub, Shrub 4-6 in. detail
ERAN Erigeron annuus Annual Fleabane Annual Forb/herb 2-5 ft. detail
ERPUP Erigeron pulchellus var. pulchellus Robin’s Plantain Perennial Forb/herb 1 1/2-2 ft. detail
ERSTS2 Erigeron strigosus var. strigosus Common Rough Fleabane Annual, Biennial Forb/herb 1-4 ft. detail
ERAMA2 Erythronium americanum ssp. americanum American Trout Lily Perennial Forb/herb 4-10 in. detail
ERUMU Erythronium umbilicatum ssp. umbilicatum Dimpled Trout Lily Perennial Forb/herb 4-10 in. detail
EUAL13 Euonymus alatus Burningbush Perennial Shrub detail
EUAM9 Euonymus americanus Heart’s-a-bustin’ Perennial Forb/herb, Subshrub 4-6 ft. detail
EUALA Eupatorium album var. album Sullivan’s Eupatorium Perennial Forb/herb detail
EUCA5 Eupatorium capillifolium Common Dog-fennel Perennial Forb/herb 1 1/2-6 ft. detail
EUCO7 Eupatorium compositifolium Coastal Dog-fennel Perennial Forb/herb to 6 1/2 ft. detail
EUHY Eupatorium hyssopifolium Hyssopleaf Eupatorium Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
EUSE2 Eupatorium serotinum Late Eupatorium Perennial Forb/herb 3-6 ft. detail
EUCO10 Euphorbia corollata Eastern Flowering Spurge Perennial Forb/herb 1 1/2-3 ft. detail
EUPU7 Euphorbia pubentissima False Flowering Spurge Perennial Forb/herb 11-22 in. detail
EUSP Euphorbia spathulata Prairie Spurge Annual, Perennial Forb/herb detail
EUDI16 Eurybia divaricata White Wood Aster Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 ft. detail
EUPUP4 Eutrochium purpureum var. purpureum Purple-node Joe-pye-weed Perennial Forb/herb 3-6 ft. detail
FAGRC Fagus grandifolia var. caroliniana American Beech detail
FESU3 Festuca subverticillata Nodding Fescue Perennial Graminoid detail
FISI2 Firmiana simplex Chinese Parasol-tree Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
FRCA13 Frangula caroliniana Carolina Buckthorn Perennial Tree, Shrub 10-15 feet (30 feet) detail
FRAM2 Fraxinus americana American Ash Perennial Tree (15–)20–30(–50) m tall. detail
FRPE Fraxinus pennsylvanica Green Ash Perennial Tree (10–)15–25(–45) m tall. detail
GANI Galanthus nivalis Snowdrop Perennial Forb/herb detail
GAAP2 Galium aparine Cleavers Annual Vine, Forb/herb to 5 ft. detail
GATR3 Galium triflorum Fragrant Bedstraw Perennial Forb/herb, Vine 1-3 ft. detail
GAUN2 Galium uniflorum One-flowered Bedstraw Perennial Forb/herb detail
GAPU3 Gamochaeta purpurea Spoonleaf Purple Everlasting Annual, Biennial Forb/herb 4-15 in. detail
GESE Gelsemium sempervirens Carolina Jessamine Perennial Vine, Shrub Climbs 8-10 feet or more detail
GEVI5 Gentiana villosa Striped Gentian Perennial Forb/herb 8-22 in. detail
GEDI Geranium dissectum Cutleaf Crane’s-bill Annual, Biennial Forb/herb 6-24 in. detail
GEMA Geranium maculatum Wild Geranium Perennial Forb/herb 8-24 in. detail
GECA7 Geum canadense White Avens Perennial Forb/herb 1 1/2-2 1/2 ft. detail
GEVI4 Geum virginianum Cream Avens Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
GLHE2 Glechoma hederacea Gill-over-the-ground Perennial Forb/herb to 2 ft. (long) detail
GLTR Gleditsia triacanthos Honey Locust Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
GOPU Goodyera pubescens Downy Rattlesnake Plantain Perennial Forb/herb 4-15 in. detail
GYDI Gymnocladus dioicus Kentucky Coffee-tree Perennial Tree detail
HAVI4 Hamamelis virginiana American Witch-hazel Perennial Tree, Shrub 8-20 ft.; width 8-20 ft. detail
HEPU Hedeoma pulegioides American False Pennyroyal Annual Forb/herb 4-16 in. detail
HEAT Helianthus atrorubens Purpledisk Sunflower Perennial Forb/herb 2 1/2-6 1/2 ft. detail
HEDI2 Helianthus divaricatus Woodland Sunflower Perennial Forb/herb 2-7 ft. detail
HEVI Helleborus viridis Green Hellebore Perennial Forb/herb detail
HEFU Hemerocallis fulva Orange Day-lily Perennial Forb/herb 1 1/2-5 ft. detail
HELI4 Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus Lemon Day-lily Perennial Forb/herb detail
HEAM6 Heuchera americana American Alumroot Perennial Forb/herb 6-10 in. detail
HEARA Hexastylis arifolia var. arifolia Arrowleaf Heartleaf Perennial Forb/herb 2-6 in. detail
HEMI13 Hexastylis minor Little Heartleaf Perennial Forb/herb 3-6 in. detail
HISY Hibiscus syriacus Rose-of-Sharon Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
HIVE Hieracium venosum Rattlesnakeweed Perennial Forb/herb 10-32 in. detail
HOCA4 Houstonia caerulea Azure Bluet Perennial Forb/herb 2-6 in. detail
HYHI5 Hyacinthoides hispanica Hispanic Hyacinthoides Perennial Forb/herb detail
HYQU3 Hydrangea quercifolia Oakleaf Hydrangea Perennial Shrub 6-8 ft.; width 6-8 ft. detail
HYSI Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides Lawn Marshpennywort Perennial Forb/herb 2-5 in. detail
HYER3 Hylotelephium erythrostictum Garden Orpine Perennial Forb/herb detail
HYTE9 Hylotelephium telephioides Allegheny Live-for-ever Perennial Forb/herb 6-12 in. detail
HYHY Hypericum hypericoides St. Andrew's Cross Perennial Subshrub, Shrub 1-3 ft. detail
HYPU Hypericum punctatum Spotted St. John’s-wort Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 1/2 ft. detail
HYST4 Hypericum stragulum Low St. John’s-wort detail
HYHI2 Hypoxis hirsuta Common Goldstar Perennial Forb/herb 4-8 in. detail
ILAM Ilex ambigua Carolina Holly Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
ILCO80 Ilex cornuta Burford Holly Perennial Tree, Shrub 8-15 ft. detail
ILCR2 Ilex crenata Japanese Holly Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
ILVE Ilex verticillata Common Winterberry Perennial Tree, Shrub 6-10 ft. detail
ILVO Ilex vomitoria Yaupon Perennial Tree, Shrub 12-20 feet, or more detail
IMCA Impatiens capensis Jewelweed Annual Forb/herb 3-5 ft. detail
IMWA Impatiens walleriana Garden Impatiens Annual, Perennial Forb/herb detail
IPPA Ipomoea pandurata Man Of The Earth Perennial Vine, Forb/herb 4-16 ft. detail
IRCR Iris cristata Dwarf Crested Iris Perennial Forb/herb 4-6 in. detail
IRPS Iris pseudacorus Paleyellow Iris Perennial Forb/herb 3-4 ft. detail
ITVI Itea virginica Virginia Sweetspire Perennial Shrub 3-4 ft.; width 3-4 ft. detail
JUNI Juglans nigra Black Walnut Perennial Tree detail
JUCO4 Juncus coriaceus Leathery Rush Perennial Graminoid detail
JUDI Juncus dichotomus Forked Rush Perennial Graminoid detail
JUEFS3 Juncus effusus ssp. solutus Soft Rush detail
JUSE Juncus secundus Lop-sided Rush Perennial Graminoid detail
JUVIV Juniperus virginiana var. virginiana Eastern Red Cedar Perennial Tree to 40 feet detail
KOPA Koelreuteria paniculata Golden Rain Tree Perennial Tree detail
KRDA Krigia dandelion Colonial Dwarf-dandelion Perennial Forb/herb to 12 in. detail
KUST2 Kummerowia striata Common Lespedeza Annual Forb/herb to 6 ft. (long) detail
LACA Lactuca canadensis American Wild Lettuce Annual, Biennial Forb/herb 4-10 ft. detail
LAIN Lagerstroemia indica Crape-myrtle Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
LAPU2 Lamium purpureum Purple Dead-nettle Annual Forb/herb to 2 1/2 ft. (long) detail
LECA2 Leonurus cardiaca Common Motherwort Perennial Forb/herb 2-4 ft. detail
LEVIV2 Lepidium virginicum var. virginicum Poor Man’s Pepper Annual, Biennial, Perennial Forb/herb 4-20 in. detail
LECU Lespedeza cuneata Chinese Lespedeza Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb 2-5 ft. detail
LEHI2 Lespedeza hirta Hairy Lespedeza Perennial Forb/herb 1 1/2-3 ft. detail
LERE2 Lespedeza repens Creeping Lespedeza Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
LEVI6 Lespedeza violacea Wand Lespedeza Perennial Forb/herb 8-24 in. detail
LEVI7 Lespedeza virginica Slender Lespedeza Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 1/2 ft. detail
LEVU Leucanthemum vulgare Common Daisy Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
LICA16 Ligusticum canadense American Lovage Perennial Forb/herb 2-6 ft. detail
LIJA Ligustrum japonicum Japanese Privet Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
LILU2 Ligustrum lucidum Broadleaf Privet Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
LIOB Ligustrum obtusifolium Border Privet Perennial Shrub detail
LISI Ligustrum sinense Chinese Privet Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
LIMI Lilium michauxii Carolina Lily Perennial Forb/herb 18 in.-3 1/2 feet detail
LIBE3 Lindera benzoin Smooth Northern Spicebush Perennial Tree, Shrub 6-9 ft. detail
LILI3 Liparis liliifolia Lily-leaf Twayblade Perennial Forb/herb to 1 ft. detail
LIST2 Liquidambar styraciflua Sweet Gum Perennial Tree (10–)15–35(–45) m tall. detail
LOIN Lobelia inflata Indian-tobacco Annual Forb/herb 6-36 in. detail
LOPU Lobelia puberula Downy Lobelia Perennial Forb/herb 2-4 ft. detail
LOSP Lobelia spicata Pale Spiked Lobelia Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
LOFR Lonicera fragrantissima Sweet Breath Of Spring Perennial Shrub detail
LOJA Lonicera japonica Japanese Honeysuckle Perennial Vine detail
LOMA6 Lonicera maackii Amur Honeysuckle Perennial Shrub detail
LOSE Lonicera sempervirens Coral Honeysuckle Perennial Vine Climbs 8-10 ft. or more detail
LUAL2 Ludwigia alternifolia Alternate-leaf Seedbox Perennial Forb/herb 2-4 ft. detail
LUBU Luzula bulbosa Bulbous Woodrush Perennial Graminoid detail
LUEC Luzula echinata Spreading Wood-rush Perennial Graminoid detail
LYVI4 Lycopus virginicus Virginia Bugleweed Perennial Forb/herb 8-36 in. detail
LYRA Lycoris radiata Red Spider Lily Perennial Forb/herb detail
LYMA2 Lyonia mariana Piedmont Staggerbush Perennial Shrub 3-4 ft. detail
LYCI Lysimachia ciliata Fringed Loosestrife Perennial Forb/herb 1-4 ft. detail
LYLA Lysimachia lanceolata Lanceleaf Loosestrife Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 ft. detail
LYTO2 Lysimachia tonsa Appalachian Loosestrife Perennial Forb/herb detail
MAPO Maclura pomifera Bois-d’arc Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
MAGR4 Magnolia grandiflora Southern Magnolia Perennial Tree 60-80 ft. detail
MAMA2 Magnolia macrophylla Bigleaf Magnolia Perennial Tree 30- 40 ft. detail
MATR Magnolia tripetala Umbrella Magnolia Perennial Tree 30-40 ft. detail
MAUN Malaxis unifolia Green Adder’s-mouth Perennial Forb/herb 1-20 in. detail
MAPR Malus prunifolia Chinese Crabapple Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
MAPU Malus pumila Common Apple Perennial Tree detail
MACA9 Matelea carolinensis Carolina Spinypod Perennial Vine, Forb/herb 4-5 ft. (long) detail
MAPU7 Mazus pumilus Japanese mazus Annual Forb/herb 2-7 in. detail
MELU Medicago lupulina Black Medick Annual, Perennial Forb/herb to 2 1/2 ft. detail
MEMU Melica mutica Two-flower Melic Grass Perennial Graminoid 1 - 2 ft detail
MEOF2 Melissa officinalis Lemon Balm Perennial Forb/herb detail
MECA3 Menispermum canadense Moonseed Perennial Vine detail
MIVI Microstegium vimineum Flexible Sasa-grass Annual Graminoid detail
MISC Mikania scandens Climbing Hempweed Perennial Vine, Forb/herb detail
MIRE Mitchella repens Partridge-berry Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb to 4 in. (trailing 1/2-1 ft.) detail
MOUN3 Monotropa uniflora Ghost Flower Perennial Forb/herb 2-12 in. detail
MOCE2 Morella cerifera Common Wax-myrtle Perennial Tree, Subshrub, Shrub 10-15 ft. detail
MOAL Morus alba Russian Mulberry Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
MORU2 Morus rubra Red Mulberry Perennial Tree 5–20(–25) m tall. detail
MUSC Muhlenbergia schreberi Nimblewill Perennial Graminoid detail
MUKE Murdannia keisak Marsh Dewflower Perennial Forb/herb 8-59 in. detail
NADO Nandina domestica Nandina Perennial Shrub detail
NAPO Narcissus poeticus Pheasant’s-eye Daffodil Perennial Forb/herb detail
NAPS Narcissus pseudonarcissus Buttercup detail
NYSY Nyssa sylvatica Black Gum Perennial Tree 60 plus feet detail
OBVI Obolaria virginica Pennywort Perennial Forb/herb 1-6 in. detail
OELA Oenothera laciniata Cutleaf Evening Primrose Annual, Perennial Forb/herb 6-30 in. detail
OXST Oxalis stricta Common Yellow Oxalis Perennial Forb/herb 6-20 in. detail
OXVI Oxalis violacea Violet Wood-sorrel Perennial Forb/herb 4-8 in. detail
OXAR Oxydendrum arboreum Sourwood Perennial Tree, Shrub to 30 feet or more detail
PATE11 Pachysandra terminalis Japanese Pachysandra Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb detail
PAINI Parthenium integrifolium var. integrifolium Common Wild Quinine Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
PAQU2 Parthenocissus quinquefolia Virginia Creeper Perennial Vine detail
PADI3 Paspalum dilatatum Dallis Grass Perennial Graminoid detail
PAFL4 Paspalum floridanum Florida Paspalum Perennial Graminoid detail
PATO2 Paulownia tomentosa Empress Tree Perennial Tree (5–)10–15(–30) m tall. detail
PELA8 Penstemon laevigatus Eastern Beardtongue Perennial Forb/herb 1-4 ft. detail
PEFR4 Perilla frutescens Beefsteak-plant Annual Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
PELO10 Persicaria longiseta Bristly Lady’s-thumb detail
PEPU18 Persicaria punctata Dotted Smartweed 6-42 in. detail
PEVI13 Persicaria virginiana Jumpseed 1 1/2-4 ft. detail
PHBI2 Phacelia bipinnatifida Fern-leaf Scorpion-weed Biennial Forb/herb 1-2 ft. detail
PHPU3 Phacelia purshii Miami-mist Annual Forb/herb detail
PHHE11 Phegopteris hexagonoptera Broad Beech Fern Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 ft. detail
PHIN5 Philadelphus inodorus Appalachian Mock-orange Perennial Shrub 3-10 ft. detail
PHCAC Phyllanthus caroliniensis ssp. caroliniensis Carolina Leaf-flower Annual Forb/herb 5-18 in. detail
PHHE5 Physalis heterophylla Clammy Ground-cherry Perennial Forb/herb 8-35 in. detail
PHAM4 Phytolacca americana American Pokeweed Perennial Forb/herb 3-10 ft. detail
PIPU2 Pilea pumila Canadian Clearweed Annual Forb/herb 4 - 24 in. detail
PIEC2 Pinus echinata Rosemary Pine Perennial Tree (15–)20–35(–45) m tall. detail
PIST Pinus strobus Eastern White Pine Perennial Tree detail
PITA Pinus taeda Loblolly Pine Perennial Tree (20–)25–40(–55) m tall. detail
PIVI2 Pinus virginiana Jersey Pine Perennial Tree (5–)10–20(–30) m tall. detail
PIAV Piptochaetium avenaceum Eastern Needlegrass Perennial Graminoid 3 ft. detail
PLLA Plantago lanceolata English Plantain Annual, Biennial, Perennial Forb/herb 6-24 in. detail
PLRU Plantago rugelii American Plantain Perennial Forb/herb 6-10 in. detail
PLVI Plantago virginica Hoary Plantain Annual, Biennial Forb/herb 4-8 in. detail
PLCI2 Platanthera ciliaris Yellow Fringed Orchid Perennial Forb/herb 10-28 in. detail
PLCA7 Pluchea camphorata Plowmans Wort Annual, Perennial Forb/herb 2-6 1/2 ft. detail
POAN Poa annua Annual Bluegrass Annual Graminoid detail
POCH2 Poa chapmaniana Chapman’s Bluegrass Annual Graminoid detail
POCU4 Poa cuspidata Early Bluegrass Perennial Graminoid detail
POPE Podophyllum peltatum May-apple Perennial Forb/herb 12-18 in. detail
POBIB4 Polygonatum biflorum var. biflorum Small Solomon’s-seal 1-3 ft. detail
POAV Polygonum aviculare Knotweed Annual, Perennial Forb/herb to 4 in. tall (6 ft. long) detail
POAC4 Polystichum acrostichoides Christmas Fern Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 ft. detail
POCA17 Potentilla canadensis Dwarf Cinquefoil Perennial Forb/herb 2-4 in. detail
POIN5 Potentilla indica Indian-strawberry 1-4 in. detail
POSI2 Potentilla simplex Common Cinquefoil Perennial Forb/herb 4-16 in., usually less than 12 in. detail
PRCA Prunus caroliniana Carolina Laurel Cherry Perennial Tree, Shrub 20-30 ft. detail
PRCE Prunus cerasus Pie Cherry Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
PRMU5 Prunus mume Japanese Apricot detail
PRSES Prunus serotina var. serotina Wild Black Cherry Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
PRSE3 Prunus serrulata Japanese Flowering Cherry Perennial Tree detail
PSHE4 Pseudognaphalium helleri Heller’s Rabbit Tobacco Annual Forb/herb detail
PSOB3 Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium Fragrant Rabbit Tobacco Annual, Biennial Forb/herb 8-36 in. detail
PUMOL Pueraria montana var. lobata Kudzu Perennial Vine to 100 ft. (long) detail
PYAM Pyrola americana American Wintergreen Perennial Subshrub 4–12 in. detail
PYCA80 Pyrus calleryana Bradford Pear Perennial Tree detail
QUAL Quercus alba White Oak Perennial Tree to 100 feet detail
QUCO2 Quercus coccinea Scarlet Oak Perennial Tree detail
QUFA Quercus falcata Southern Red Oak Perennial Tree (15–)20–30(–40) m tall. detail
QUMAM2 Quercus marilandica var. marilandica Blackjack Oak Perennial Tree detail
QUNI Quercus nigra Water Oak Perennial Tree detail
QUPH Quercus phellos Willow Oak Perennial Tree detail
QURUR Quercus rubra var. rubra Red Oak Perennial Tree detail
QUST Quercus stellata Post Oak Perennial Tree to 85 feet detail
QUVE Quercus velutina Black Oak Perennial Tree to 80 feet x 40 feet detail
RAAB Ranunculus abortivus Kidneyleaf Buttercup Biennial, Perennial Forb/herb 6-24 in. detail
RARER2 Ranunculus recurvatus var. recurvatus Blisterwort Perennial Forb/herb 6-24 in. detail
RARA2 Raphanus raphanistrum Jointed Charlock Annual, Biennial Forb/herb 8-32 in. detail
RHMAM2 Rhexia mariana var. mariana Dull Meadow-beauty Perennial Forb/herb to 32 in. detail
RHPE4 Rhododendron periclymenoides Pinxter-flower Perennial Shrub 4-6 ft. detail
RHSC3 Rhodotypos scandens Jetbead Perennial Shrub detail
RHGL Rhus glabra Smooth Sumac Perennial Tree, Shrub 9-15 ft. detail
ROHIH Robinia hispida var. hispida Common Bristly Locust Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
RONA Robinia nana Dwarf Bristly Locust detail
ROPS Robinia pseudoacacia Black Locust Perennial Tree detail
ROBR Rosa bracteata Chickasaw Rose Perennial Vine, Subshrub detail
ROMU Rosa multiflora Multiflora Rose Perennial Vine, Subshrub detail
RUBI Rubus bifrons European Blackberry Perennial Subshrub detail
RUFL Rubus flagellaris Common Dewberry Perennial Subshrub detail
RUHI Rubus hispidus Swamp Dewberry Perennial Subshrub detail
RUOC Rubus occidentalis Black Raspberry Perennial Subshrub detail
RUFU2 Rudbeckia fulgida Orange Coneflower Perennial Forb/herb 2-3 ft. detail
RUCA4 Ruellia caroliniensis Carolina Wild Petunia Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 ft. detail
RUPU2 Ruellia purshiana Pursh’s Wild Petunia Perennial Forb/herb detail
RUAC3 Rumex acetosella Common Sheep Sorrel Perennial Forb/herb 4-16 in. detail
RUCO2 Rumex conglomeratus Clustered Green Dock Perennial Forb/herb detail
RUCRC Rumex crispus ssp. crispus Curly Dock Perennial Forb/herb 1-5 ft. detail
RUOB Rumex obtusifolius Bitter Dock Perennial Forb/herb 2-3 1/2 ft. detail
SAHU2 Salix humilis Prairie Willow Perennial Shrub detail
SANI Salix nigra Black Willow Perennial Tree to 60 ft detail
SASE Salix sericea Silky Willow Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
SALY2 Salvia lyrata Lyreleaf Sage Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 ft. detail
SACA12 Sambucus canadensis Common Elderberry height and spread 8-12 feet detail
SACA13 Sanguinaria canadensis Bloodroot Perennial Forb/herb 6-12 in. detail
SACAC2 Sanicula canadensis var. canadensis Black Snakeroot Biennial Forb/herb 6-48 in. detail
SASM Sanicula smallii Small’s Blacksnakeroot Biennial, Perennial Forb/herb 1-2.5 ft. detail
SAAL5 Sassafras albidum Sassafras Perennial Tree, Shrub to 30 feet detail
SACE Saururus cernuus Lizard’s Tail Perennial Forb/herb 1-4 ft. detail
SCSCS Schizachyrium scoparium var. scoparium Common Little Bluestem Perennial Graminoid detail
SCAT2 Scirpus atrovirens Black Bulrush Perennial Graminoid detail
SCGE2 Scirpus georgianus Georgia Bulrush Perennial Graminoid detail
SCPO2 Scirpus polyphyllus Leafy Bulrush Perennial Graminoid detail
SCPAP2 Scleria pauciflora var. pauciflora Papillose Nutrush Perennial Graminoid detail
SCELE Scutellaria elliptica var. elliptica Hairy Skullcap Perennial Forb/herb 6-30 in. detail
SCIN2 Scutellaria integrifolia Large-flower Skullcap Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 ft. detail
SCSE5 Scutellaria serrata Serrate Skullcap Perennial Forb/herb 8-24 in. detail
SESA Sedum sarmentosum Stringy Stonecrop Perennial Forb/herb detail
SHAR2 Sherardia arvensis Blue Fieldmadder Annual Forb/herb 4-10 in. detail
SISP Sida spinosa False-mallow Annual, Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
SIAN3 Sisyrinchium angustifolium Narrow-leaved Blue-eyed-grass Perennial Forb/herb 8-12 in. detail
SIAT Sisyrinchium atlanticum Atlantic Blue-eyed-grass Perennial Forb/herb 8-18 in. detail
SIMU3 Sisyrinchium mucronatum Needle-tip Blue-eyed-grass Perennial Forb/herb 4-16 in. detail
SMUV Smallanthus uvedalius Bearsfoot Perennial Forb/herb 3-10 ft. detail
SMBO2 Smilax bona-nox Catbriar Perennial Shrub, Vine detail
SMGL Smilax glauca Cat Greenbrier Perennial Shrub, Vine detail
SMRO Smilax rotundifolia Bullbriar Perennial Shrub, Vine detail
SMSM Smilax smallii Jackson-briar Perennial Shrub, Vine detail
SOCAC4 Solanum carolinense var. carolinense Ball-nettle Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
SOALA Solidago altissima var. altissima Tall Goldenrod 2-6 1/2 ft. detail
SOBI Solidago bicolor Silverrod Perennial Forb/herb 2-3 ft. detail
SOCAC Solidago caesia var. caesia Axillary Goldenrod detail
SOCAH Solidago canadensis var. hargeri Harger’s Common Goldenrod Perennial Forb/herb detail
SOER Solidago erecta Slender Goldenrod Perennial Forb/herb 1-4 ft. detail
SOGI Solidago gigantea Giant Goldenrod Perennial Forb/herb 2-6 1/2 ft. detail
SOPI Solidago pinetorum Small’s Goldenrod Perennial Forb/herb 2-3 ft. detail
SOAS Sonchus asper Prickly Sow-thistle Annual Forb/herb 1-5 ft. detail
SOHA Sorghum halepense Johnson Grass Perennial Graminoid detail
SPNI Sphenopholis nitida Shiny Wedgescale Perennial Graminoid detail
SPOB Sphenopholis obtusata Prairie Wedgegrass Annual, Perennial Graminoid detail
SPPR Spiraea prunifolia Bridal-wreath Spiraea Perennial Shrub detail
SPOVE Spiranthes ovalis var. erostellata Oval Ladies’-tresses Perennial Forb/herb detail
STME2 Stellaria media Common Chickweed Annual, Perennial Forb/herb 4-16 in. detail
STPU Stellaria pubera Giant Chickweed Perennial Forb/herb 4-16 in. detail
STBI2 Stylosanthes biflora Pencil-flower Perennial Forb/herb 4-20 in. detail
STGR4 Styrax grandifolius Bigleaf Snowbell Perennial Tree, Shrub 8-12 ft. detail
SYGR5 Symphyotrichum grandiflorum Large-flower American-aster Perennial Forb/herb 2-3 ft. detail
SYLAC Symphyotrichum laeve var. concinnum Smooth Blue American-aster Perennial Forb/herb detail
SYLAL7 Symphyotrichum lateriflorum var. lateriflorum Starved Aster Perennial Forb/herb detail
SYPAP2 Symphyotrichum patens var. patens Common Clasping Aster Perennial Forb/herb detail
SYPIP3 Symphyotrichum pilosum var. pilosum Frost Aster Perennial Forb/herb detail
SYUN Symphyotrichum undulatum Clasping Heart-leaf Aster Perennial Forb/herb 2-5 ft. detail
TAOF Taraxacum officinale Common Dandelion Perennial Forb/herb 2-12 in. detail
THBA Thaspium barbinode Hairyjoint Meadowparsnip Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 1/2 ft. detail
THTRT Thaspium trifoliatum var. trifoliatum Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
TICO Tiarella cordifolia Foamflower Perennial Forb/herb 10-12 in. detail
TIAMH Tilia americana var. heterophylla Linn Perennial Tree detail
TIDI Tipularia discolor Cranefly Orchid Perennial Forb/herb 4-20 in. detail
TOPU2 Toxicodendron pubescens Poison Oak Perennial Subshrub, Shrub, Forb/herb detail
TRHI5 Tradescantia hirsuticaulis Hairy Spiderwort Perennial Forb/herb 18-24 in. detail
TRVI Tradescantia virginiana Virginia Spiderwort Perennial Forb/herb 6-20 in. detail
TRFL2 Tridens flavus Tall Redtop Perennial Graminoid detail
TRAR4 Trifolium arvense Rabbitfoot Clover Annual Forb/herb 4-16 in. detail
TRRE3 Trifolium repens Dutch Clover Perennial Forb/herb 4-12 in. detail
TRCA11 Trillium catesbaei Catesby’s Trillium Perennial Forb/herb 10-18 in. detail
TRCU Trillium cuneatum Little Sweet Betsy Perennial Forb/herb 6-11 in. detail
TRPE4 Triodanis perfoliata Venus’ Looking-glass Annual Forb/herb 4-12 in. detail
TSCA Tsuga canadensis Eastern Hemlock Perennial Tree 60 ft. detail
TYLA Typha latifolia Broadleaf Cattail Perennial Forb/herb 5-10 ft. detail
ULAL Ulmus alata Winged Elm Perennial Tree (5–)10–20(–35) m tall detail
ULRU Ulmus rubra Red Elm Perennial Tree (10–)15–25(–40) m tall detail
UVPE Uvularia perfoliata Perfoliate Bellwort Perennial Forb/herb 6-18 in. detail
UVSE Uvularia sessilifolia Sessileleaf Bellwort Perennial Forb/herb 6-10 in. detail
VAAR Vaccinium arboreum Sparkleberry Perennial Tree, Shrub 15 feet x 15 feet detail
VAEL Vaccinium elliottii Mayberry Perennial Shrub detail
VAFU Vaccinium fuscatum Black Highbush Blueberry Perennial Shrub to 15 ft detail
VAPA4 Vaccinium pallidum Early Lowbush Blueberry Perennial Subshrub, Shrub detail
VAST Vaccinium stamineum Common Deerberry Perennial Shrub 6 feet tall and wide detail
VATE3 Vaccinium tenellum Small Black Blueberry Perennial Subshrub, Shrub detail
VALO Valerianella locusta European Corn-salad Annual Forb/herb detail
VEOC Verbesina occidentalis Southern Crownbeard Perennial Forb/herb 3-10 ft. detail
VEGL Vernonia glauca Broadleaf Ironweed Perennial Forb/herb 3-5 ft. detail
VEAR Veronica arvensis Corn Speedwell Annual Forb/herb 2-8 in. detail
VEHE2 Veronica hederifolia Ivyleaf Speedwell 2-14 in. detail
VEPE3 Veronica persica Bird’s-eye Speedwell Annual Forb/herb 4-12 in. detail
VIAC Viburnum acerifolium Maple-leaf Arrow-wood Perennial Shrub, Subshrub 5-6 ft. detail
VIDE Viburnum dentatum Southern Arrowwood Perennial Tree, Shrub 6-8 ft. detail
VIDI80 Viburnum dilatatum Linden Viburnum Perennial Shrub detail
VIPL Viburnum plicatum Japanese Snowball Perennial Shrub detail
VIPR Viburnum prunifolium Smooth Blackhaw Perennial Tree, Shrub to 25 ft. detail
VIRU Viburnum rufidulum Rusty Blackhaw Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
VISE14 Viburnum setigerum Tea Viburnum Perennial Shrub detail
VICA2 Vicia caroliniana Carolina Vetch Perennial Vine, Forb/herb 1-5 ft. (long) detail
VISAN2 Vicia sativa ssp. nigra Garden Vetch Annual Vine, Forb/herb detail
VIMA Vinca major Bigleaf Periwinkle Perennial Vine, Forb/herb detail
VIMI2 Vinca minor Common Periwinkle Perennial Vine, Forb/herb 4-8 in. detail
VIHI2 Viola hirsutula Southern Woodland Violet Perennial Forb/herb 1-8 in. detail
VISO Viola sororia Common Blue Violet Annual, Perennial Forb/herb 2-8 in. detail
VIAEA2 Vitis aestivalis var. aestivalis Summer Grape Perennial Vine detail
WISI Wisteria sinensis Chinese Wisteria Perennial Vine detail
XAST Xanthium strumarium Cocklebur Annual Forb/herb 1-6 ft. detail
YOJA Youngia japonica Asiatic Hawk’s-beard Annual Forb/herb 4-28 in. detail
YUFI Yucca filamentosa Adam’s Needle Perennial Subshrub, Shrub, Forb/herb 4-8 ft. detail
ZEAT Zephyranthes atamasca Atamasco Lily Perennial Forb/herb 6-8 in. detail
ZIAP Zizia aptera Heartleaf Golden-Alexanders Perennial Forb/herb 1-2.5 ft. detail