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Hort. - shade graminoids

Native grasses, sedges, and rushes for shade.

Last Update: 2019-08-16

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id_plant scientific common duration habit height thumb detail
CAPE6 Carex pensylvanica Pennsylvania Sedge Perennial Graminoid 8-10 in. detail
CARO22 Carex rosea Rosy Sedge Perennial Graminoid up to 1 ft. detail
CHLA6 Chasmanthium laxum Slender Woodoats Perennial Graminoid 2 ft. detail
CHSE2 Chasmanthium sessiliflorum Longleaf Spikegrass Perennial Graminoid detail
LUAC Luzula acuminata Hairy Woodrush Perennial Graminoid up to 1 ft. detail
LUEC Luzula echinata Spreading Wood-rush Perennial Graminoid detail
PIAV Piptochaetium avenaceum Eastern Needlegrass Perennial Graminoid 3 ft. detail