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Duration:  Annual  Biennial  Perennial

Habit:  Herb  Subshrub  Shrub  Tree  Cactus/Succulent  Grass/Grass-like  Fern  Vine

Leaf Arrangement:  Alternate  Opposite  Whorled  Basal  Fascicled

Leaf Complexity:  Simple  Once Pinnately Compound  Bi-Pinnately Compound  Tri-Pinnately Compound  Palmately Compound  Trifoliolate

Leaf Retention:  Deciduous  Evergreen  Semi-evergreen

Bloom Time:  Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  Jun  Jul  Aug  Sep  Oct  Nov  Dec

Bloom Color:  White  Red  Pink  Orange  Yellow  Green  Blue  Purple  Violet  Brown  Lavender  Not_applicable

Floral Symmetry:  Radial (Actinomorphic)  Bilateral (Zygomorphic)  Mixed (Both Actinomorphic and Zygomorphic)

Light Requirement:  Sun  Part shade  Shade

Soil Moisture:  Moist  Average  Dry  Well-drained

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