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Collection Name: NCBG - Mountain Habitat
Collection Description: The Mountain Habitat Garden contains plants and trees that are characteristic of the mountainous areas of the southern Appalachians at elevations ranging from 1,500 feet to 6,684 feet. Dense shade from canopy trees and abundant moisture create a cove-like environment for these species. Plants native to North Carolina's western boundary include spring-blooming wildflowers such as trilliums, bluebell, bloodroot, liverleaf, and Oconee bells; members of the heath family, such as mountain laurel, flame azalea, rhododendrons, and leucothoe; Canadian hemlock, white pine, and tulip tree; and many species of ferns. A dominant historical feature in this habitat garden, the Paul Green Cabin, was moved to the North Carolina Botanical Garden in 1991 and restored. In this cabin, playwright Paul Green did much of his research and writing on uses of native herbs. Green's plays often incorporated the botanical knowledge and herbal folk wisdom of North Carolina's native peoples and settlers. This habitat garden also features displays of ferns and woodland wildflowers from all the geographic regions of North Carolina that grow best in a shady location.
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