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Year 1954

Dr. Coker and his wife Louise Venable Coker deed the section of the NCBG known as the Coker Pinetum to UNC. As detailed in the Deed, the Cokers donate approximately 25.47 acres to be used ‘only for a Botanical Garden and Park area. ‘Specifically, the Cokers stipulated [that] “there shall be no athletic fields established or maintained in this area although there may be recreational walks and a cross-country track leading through this area.” Violation of the restrictions would revert the property to the Board of Directors of Coker College. (This description and more information about the Pinetum appear in the 1993 final report of the Conservation Project: The Nature Trail Area, Coker Pinetum, and Stillhouse Bottom Nature Preserve by Carol Ann McCormick and Peter White).

Hurricane Hazel causes widespread damage to woodlands in Chapel Hill, including the lands for the future Botanical Garden.

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