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Timeline: The TIMELINE table contains data about significant events in the Garden's history.

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event_num event_year event_description last_update publish action
241968Manual of the Vascular Flora of the Carolinas by A.E. Radford, H.E. Ahles, ...2017-01-111detail
251969From Laurel Hill to Siler's Bog; The Walking Adventures of a Naturalist, by...2017-01-111detail
261970Azalea Hill, sponsored by the Men's Garden Club of Chapel Hill and designed...2017-01-111detail
331970sHabitat gardens are established over time: Mountain, Coastal Plain, Carnivo...2017-01-111detail
271971A separate allocation from the NC State Legislature, responsive to direct m...2017-01-111detail
281972Tour Guides, among the Garden's earliest volunteer groups, begin leading to...2017-01-111detail
291973The Herb Garden is established (a descendent of the Dr.Totten drug teaching...2017-03-121detail
301974Marks the deaths of both Dr. Totten and his wife Addie, organizer of the Ch...2017-01-111detail
311975Late in the year, NCBG staff move into the Totten Center from the Green She...2017-01-111detail
321976Dedication of the Totten Center, the Garden's first permanent building, 10 ...2017-01-111detail
341977NCBG offers a 3-week course during Elderhostel, "Native Plants and Their Ec...2017-01-131detail
351978UNC receives a Title I HEW grant that sparks the beginning of the Horticult...2017-01-111detail
361979The first NCBG wildflower sale is held. Forty-four native species sell out....2017-01-111detail
371980The first England Garden Tour is led by Ken Moore.With Comprehensiv...2017-01-111detail
381981NCBG Director C. Ritchie Bell in his 1981 annual report asks for understand...2017-01-111detail
391982Wildflower of the Year program begins, co-sponsored by the Garden Club of N...2017-01-111detail
401983The Garden wins the 1983 Gulf Oil Conservation award of $500 for conservati...2017-01-111detail
411984Trustees of the University act on a proposal of R. Haven Wiley and others t...2017-01-111detail
421985Growing and Propagating Wild Flowers by Garden Curator Harry Phillips and o...2017-03-121detail
431986C. Ritchie Bell retires as the Garden's director and is celebrated during a...2017-01-111detail
441987Once again, the annual wildflower sale is discontinued, replaced by daily p...2017-02-221detail
451988The Garden's Administrative Board approves a report setting forth the NCBG ...2017-01-111detail
461988-2010During this period, with partial funding from the Conservation Project Prog...2017-01-111detail
471989“Growing with Gardening: A Twelve-Month Guide for Therapy, Recreation and E...2017-01-111detail
481990The Garden's comprehensive Master Plan is approved by UNC Trustees. ...2017-01-111detail
event_num event_year event_description last_update publish action
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76 Results:   10 25 50  100 per page