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11792Mark Morgan Jr., his cousin and several local farmer landowners donate 1000...2017-03-151detail
21854Mary Elizabeth Morgan, granddaughter of Mark Morgan Sr., who inherited most...2017-03-121detail
31894Mary Elizabeth Morgan Mason leaves 800 acres of Mason Farm (and $1000) to U...2017-01-111detail
41897UNC leases land to Mason's tenants and other local farmers. Goes to 1935.2017-01-111detail
51902Dr. William Chambers Coker becomes an assistant professor of botany. 2017-01-111detail
61903University President Francis Venable appoints Dr. Coker the Director of the...2017-01-111detail
71908The Department of Biology is separated into two departments: the Botany Dep...2017-01-111detail
81914H.R. Totten is appointed a Botany instructor who, with Dr. Coker, plants a ...2017-01-111detail
101917Surrender to the Enemy, a one-act play written by first-year UNC student Pa...2017-03-121detail
761918Dr. Coker selects the site for the Forest Theatre in Battle Park, a sloped,...2017-03-121detail
771919In 1919, Professor Frederick Koch, founder of Carolina Playmakers and the d...2017-03-051detail
111927Dr. Coker proposes to University President Chase that "a collection of all ...2017-01-111detail
121930Alma Holland Beers, the first female botanist at UNC, works with Dr. Coker,...2017-01-111detail
131934Trees of the Southeastern States including Virginia, North Carolina, South ...2017-01-111detail
141935The Soil Conservation Service uses Mason Farm land as a USDA Tree Nursery t...2017-01-111detail
151943Author Betty Smith, a Chapel Hill resident, writes A Tree Grows in Brooklyn...2017-03-051detail
161945Dr. Coker retires as Kenan Research Professor of Botany Emeritus.2017-01-111detail
171946The Coker Pinetum of 25 wooded acres is a deeded gift from the estate of Dr...2017-01-111detail
181952At the request of Dr. John Couch, UNC faculty mycologist and chair of the B...2017-01-111detail
781953UNC President Graham leads a ceremony formally naming the Forest Theatre, K...2017-03-051detail
191954Dr. Coker and his wife Louise Venable Coker deed the section of the NCBG kn...2017-01-111detail
201961The Department of Botany presents to the UNC President: The North Carolina ...2017-01-111detail
211962Eight acres of steep rhododendron bluffs above Morgan Greek and adjacent to...2017-01-111detail
221965The Trustees of the University add 96 additional acres to Mason Farm, for w...2017-01-111detail
231966William Lanier Hunt leads the establishment and chartering of the Botanical...2017-01-111detail
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