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SOS Collection Details

SOS Number: 751
Collector (from Person Number): Dakar
Scientific Name (from collection sheet): Salicornia depressa
Species (from ID Plant): Salicornia depressa
USDA Symbol: SADE10
Family: Chenopodiaceae
Family Code: CHENOP
Collection Date: 2017-10-12
State: Virginia
County: Accomack
Locality: Shelly Bay Tidal Lands
Location Details: From Queens Sound Boat Ramp go 0.2 miles W. Population on right.
Collection: 238
Decimal Latitude: 37.9365
Decimal Longitude: -75.42352777777778
Degree Latitude: 37
Minute Latitude: 56
Second Latitude: 11.4
Degree Longitude: 75
Minute Longitude: 25
Second Longitude: 24.7
Elevation (feet): 1
EPA Level III Ecoregions: 63
Image A: 751_A.JPG
Image B: 751_B.JPG
Image C: 751_C.JPG
Last Update: 2018-01-24
Publish: 1

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