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Places: A PLACE is defined as any specified area within which an item is collected. An item is normally a living plant or a plant propagule, but it can also be plant voucher specimen or a photograph or digital image of a collected living plant, plant propagule or specimen.

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place_num place_name place_type last_update publish action
1Orange Co., NC, North Carolina Botanical GardenGDN2017-02-131detail
3Orange Co., NC, Mason Farm Biological ReserveFORMIX2017-01-111detail
4Orange Co., NC, Coker ArboretumGDN2016-10-101detail
5Orange Co., NC, Battle ParkFORMIX2016-10-101detail
6Orange Co., NC, The RocksGDN2016-10-101detail
7Orange Co., NC, Coker PinetumFORMIX2017-01-101detail
8Orange Co., NC, Hunt ArboretumFORMIX2017-01-101detail
9Durham Co., NC, Pennys Bend Nature Preserve2017-01-091detail
10Orange Co., NC, Stillhouse Bottom Nature PreserveFORMIX2017-01-101detail
11Orange Co., NC, Carolina Campus Community GardenFLDCUL2017-01-091detail
12Cumberland Co., NCFORMIX2019-03-051detail
13Chatham Co., NC, Eagle Observation Deck Area, Jordan GamelandFORMIX2016-11-041detail
14Chatham Co., NC, Lystra Road at Jack Bennett Road, Jordan LakeFORMIX2018-12-201detail
15Orange Co., NC, NCBG Piedmont Nature TrailsFORMIX2017-01-111detail
16Pender Co., NC, The Neck Savanna, formerly Lanier Quarry SavannaSAV2017-02-151detail
17Richmond Co., NC, north of Rockingham 2017-12-141detail
18Cababrrus Co., NC, Suther Prairie near Concord2017-12-141detail
19Johnston Co., NC2017-12-141detail
20Marion Co., SC, near Gresham, SC2017-12-141detail
21Prince William Co., VA 2017-12-141detail
22Carteret Co., NC, Morehead City2017-12-141detail
23Highlands Co., FL, Avon Park Bombing Range2017-12-141detail
24Halifax Co., VA, near Clover2017-12-141detail
25Montgomery Co., NC2017-12-141detail
26Hampton / Jasper Co. line, SC2017-12-141detail
place_num place_name place_type last_update publish action
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121 Results:   10 25 50  100 per page