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Damon Waitt

Persons Number: 1
Last Name: Waitt
First Name: Damon
Middle Name or Initial: Edward
Salutation: Dr.
Employer: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Work Address: CB3375
Work City: Chapel Hill
Work State: NC
Work Zip Code: 27599
Work Preferred Mailing Address: Y
Home Address: 1809 Bivins St.
Home City: Durham
Home State: NC
Home Zip Code: 27707
Home Preferred Mailing Address: N
Other Address: 100 Old Mason Farm Road
Other City: Chapel Hill
Other State: NC
Other Zip Code: 27517
Other Preferred Mailing Address: N
Work Phone - Primary: 919-962-2184
Work Phone - Secondary: 919-962-0522
Cell Phone - Primary: 512-694-5102
Email - Primary:
Email - Secondary:
Web Address:
Occupation: Director, North Carolina Botanical Garden
Specialty: Botany
Reason for Database Entry: Formerly: Wildflower Center Senior Director, Senior Botanist and Director of NPIN.
Date of Birth: 1961-12-28
Persons Notes: Dr. Damon Waitt is the Director of the North Carolina Botanical Garden at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As Director, Waitt has broad responsibility for overall leadership and management of the North Carolina Botanical Garden and for ensuring that the garden fulfills its mission to inspire understanding, appreciation, and conservation of plants and to advance a sustainable relationship between people and nature. Waitt holds a Ph.D. in Botany from the University of Texas in Austin, an M.S in Botany from Louisiana State University Baton Rouge and a B.S. in Biology from Tulane University. Prior to joining the North Carolina Botanical Garden, Waitt served as Senior Director and Botanist at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center from 2001-2015. Dr. Waitt sits on the Invasive Species Advisory Committee for the National Invasive Species Council, is founder of the Texas Invasive Plant and Pest Council and past chair of the National Association of Exotic Pest Plant Councils. He is also past chair of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Advisory Committee and past-president of the Texas Academy of Sciences.
Last Update: 2017-01-08
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