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Locations: The LOCATIONS table is similar to the PLACES table as it deals with specified areas. However, LOCATIONS records are unique because they contain accessioned plants. Thus, all LOCATIONS records define areas on the grounds of North Carolina Botanical Garden.

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Location Details

Location Number: 8
Location Name: Garden of Flowering Plant Families-All
Location Code: PFG-ALL
Place (from Place Number): Orange Co., NC, North Carolina Botanical Garden
Decimal Latitude: 35.899110
Decimal Longitude: -79.034045
Location Level: II
Location Type: THE
Location Focus: TAX
Location Horticulturist (from Person Number): Wenck
Location Notes: The Garden of Flowering Plant Families is a taxonomic collection arranged according to the Cronquist system. Each bed represents a subclass. This collection is filled with interesting plant displays as well as art which represents ideas in plant systematics!
Last Update: 2017-01-22
Publish: 1

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