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Location Details

Location Number: 151
Location Name: Carnivorous Plant Collection-All
Location Code: CPC-ALL
Place (from Place Number): North Carolina Botanical Garden
Decimal Latitude: 35.899186
Decimal Longitude: -79.033914
Location Level: II
Location Type: THE
Location Focus: CAR
Location Horticulturist (from Person Number): Liloia
Location Notes: The carnivorous plant collection is a dramatic display of insectivorous plants native to the southeast. In these beds the pitcher plants are most prominent but other species including venus flytraps, sundews, and butterworts can be found. Carnivorous plants thrive in sunny locations with nutrient poor, acidic, well drained soils. This display also features a number of species which require similar growing conditions including several native orchids.
Last Update: 2017-01-22
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