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Locations: The LOCATIONS table is similar to the PLACES table as it deals with specified areas. However, LOCATIONS records are unique because they contain accessioned plants. Thus, all LOCATIONS records define areas on the grounds of North Carolina Botanical Garden.

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loc_num loc_name loc_code place_name last_update publish action
100Entrance Landscape-Old MasonLS-Old MasonNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-12-201detail
102Entrance Landscape-Sidewalk StripLS-Sidewalk StripNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-12-201detail
113Entrance Landscape-Staff LotLS-Staff LotNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-12-201detail
101Entrance Landscape-West EntranceLS-West EntranceNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-12-201detail
145Fern CollectionFCNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2016-12-161detail
120Garden of Flowering Plant Families-AlistamidaePFG-ALINorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-01-221detail
8Garden of Flowering Plant Families-AllPFG-ALLNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-01-221detail
121Garden of Flowering Plant Families-ArecidaePFG-ARENorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-01-221detail
115Garden of Flowering Plant Families-AsteridaePFG-ASTNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-01-221detail
117Garden of Flowering Plant Families-CaryophyllidaePFG-CARNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-01-221detail
123Garden of Flowering Plant Families-CommelinidaePFG-COMNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-01-251detail
118Garden of Flowering Plant Families-DilleniidaePFG-DILNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-01-251detail
116Garden of Flowering Plant Families-HamamellidaePFG-HAMNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-01-221detail
124Garden of Flowering Plant Families-LiliidaePFG-LILNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-01-251detail
119Garden of Flowering Plant Families-MagnoliidaePFG-MAGNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-01-251detail
114Garden of Flowering Plant Families-RosidaePFG-ROSNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-01-221detail
122Garden of Flowering Plant Families-ZingiberidaePFG-ZINNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-01-221detail
147Horticultural Therapy Areas-Education CenterHT-ECNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-01-221detail
146Horticultural Therapy Areas-Totten CenterHT-TCNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-01-221detail
5Mercer Reeves Hubbard Herb Garden-AllHG-AllNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-12-201detail
97Mercer Reeves Hubbard Herb Garden-ArborHG-ArborNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-12-201detail
90Mercer Reeves Hubbard Herb Garden-ArthritisHG-ArthritisNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-12-201detail
85Mercer Reeves Hubbard Herb Garden-CardiacHG-CardiacNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-12-201detail
86Mercer Reeves Hubbard Herb Garden-Central Nervous SystemHG-Central Nervous SysteNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-12-201detail
91Mercer Reeves Hubbard Herb Garden-ChestHG-ChestNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-12-201detail
loc_num loc_name loc_code place_name last_update publish action
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