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Locations: The LOCATIONS table is similar to the PLACES table as it deals with specified areas. However, LOCATIONS records are unique because they contain accessioned plants. Thus, all LOCATIONS records define areas on the grounds of North Carolina Botanical Garden.

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loc_num loc_name loc_code place_name last_update publish action
160Coker Arboretum-B1CA-B1Coker Arboretum2017-01-111detail
161Coker Arboretum-B2CA-B2Coker Arboretum2017-01-111detail
162Coker Arboretum-B3CA-B3Coker Arboretum2017-01-111detail
163Coker Arboretum-B4CA-B4Coker Arboretum2017-01-111detail
164Coker Arboretum-B5CA-B5Coker Arboretum2017-01-111detail
165Coker Arboretum-B6CA-B6Coker Arboretum2017-01-111detail
166Coker Arboretum-C1CA-C1Coker Arboretum2017-01-111detail
167Coker Arboretum-C2CA-C2Coker Arboretum2017-01-111detail
168Coker Arboretum-C3CA-C3Coker Arboretum2017-01-111detail
169Coker Arboretum-C4CA-C4Coker Arboretum2017-01-111detail
170Coker Arboretum-C5CA-C5Coker Arboretum2017-01-111detail
171Coker Arboretum-C6CA-C6Coker Arboretum2017-01-111detail
172Coker Arboretum-D1CA-D1Coker Arboretum2017-01-111detail
173Coker Arboretum-D2CA-D2Coker Arboretum2017-01-111detail
174Coker Arboretum-D3CA-D3Coker Arboretum2017-01-111detail
175Coker Arboretum-D4CA-D4Coker Arboretum2017-01-111detail
176Coker Arboretum-D5CA-D5Coker Arboretum2017-01-111detail
177Coker Arboretum-D6CA-D6Coker Arboretum2017-01-111detail
178Coker Arboretum-E3CA-E3Coker Arboretum2017-01-111detail
179Coker Arboretum-E4CA-E4Coker Arboretum2017-01-111detail
180Coker Arboretum-E5CA-E5Coker Arboretum2017-01-111detail
181Coker Arboretum-E6CA-E6Coker Arboretum2017-01-111detail
185Education Center Landscape-AllEC-ALLNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-01-221detail
48Education Center Landscape-BioretentionEC-BIORETENTIONNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-01-221detail
45Education Center Landscape-Bird BlindEC-BIRD BLINDNorth Carolina Botanical Garden2017-01-221detail
loc_num loc_name loc_code place_name last_update publish action
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180 Results:   10 25 50  100 per page