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coll_num pers_name place_name sn id_plant last_update publish action
8SummerStylisma patensSTPA82018-12-191detail
9GockeEagle Observation Deck Area, Jordan GamelandRhododendron periclymenoidesRHPE42016-11-041detail
10SummerNorth Carolina Botanical Garden Piedmont Nature TrailsCunila origanoidesCUOR2018-08-241detail
11LiloiaNorth Carolina Botanical GardenPiptochaetium avenaceumPIAV2018-12-181detail
13WalkerFort BraggQuercus margarettaeQUMA62018-08-241detail
14SchubertHyco LakeAsclepias incarnataASIN2018-12-191detail
15Butner- Falls of Neuse Gameland, off Veazey Rd.Blephilia ciliataBLCI2017-12-131detail
16SummerBuckhorn Road do not mow siteAllium cernuumALCE22018-12-191detail
17GockeNear South Mountains State ParkRhododendron carolinianumRHCA142018-01-031detail
18BryanDark Mountain, Uwharrie National ForestKalmia latifoliaKALA2018-01-031detail
19DaleyBrevard, NCLeucothoe fontanesianaLEFO2018-01-081detail
20SummerNCBG Education Center landscapeLiatris squarrosaLISQ2018-12-191detail
21SummerBuckhorn Road do not mow siteAletris farinosaALFA22018-12-191detail
22SummerNorth Carolina Botanical Garden Piedmont Nature TrailsThalictrum thalictroidesTHTH22018-01-171detail
23LiloiaNorth Carolina Botanical Garden Piedmont Nature TrailsIris cristataIRCR2018-01-191detail
24PoythressSandhills Gamelands, near annual burn areaCtenium aromaticumCTAR2018-12-191detail
25WalkerPender CountyBalduina unifloraBAUN2018-12-191detail
26SchubertRiddle Rd. meadowSilphium compositumSICO52018-12-191detail
27LiloiaTeer Rd., Orange Co.Pityopsis adenolepisPIAD22018-12-191detail
28WalkerRichmond Co., Marston Rd.Pityopsis pinifoliaPIPI42018-12-191detail
29HeineyDogwood Acres, Orange Co.Endodeca serpentariaENSE42018-12-201detail
30SchubertWake Co., Jenkins Rd. (not diabase site)Endodeca serpentariaENSE42018-12-201detail
31GockeLystra Road at Jack Bennett Road, Jordan Lake, Chatham Co.VacciniumVACCI2018-12-201detail
32LanceRutherford Co., Chimney Rock ParkCrataegus raveneliiCRRA2018-12-201detail
33LanceRutherford Co., Chimney Rock ParkCrataegus unifloraCRUN2018-12-201detail
coll_num pers_name place_name sn id_plant last_update publish action
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26 Results:   10 25 50  100 per page