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Accessions: The ACCESSIONS table contains records of living plants up until the time they are installed in the garden. In rare cases, (such as for some conservation accessions) plant material not actually planted in the gardens may be accessioned into GRIM.

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Accession Details

Accession Number: 20160074
Accession Date: 2016-11-04
Collection Number: 10
Collected Species (from ID Plant): Cunila origanoides
Name Received As: Cunila origanoides
Accessioned Form: SG
Accessioned Container: PO
Accessioned Plant Condition: good condition, small plants
Provenance Type: W
Sample Type: SM
Sample Origin: P
Propagation History: SA
Propagation History Notes: Seed collected 11-15-2012, stored in refrigerator, sown 12-18-2015, stratified until 3-8-2016.
Staff Receiving This Accession (from Person Number):
Last Update: 2018-08-24
Publish: 1

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