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AggregateDense structures with varied angles of divergence
Aggregate fruitA cluster of fruits that stick together or are fused, originating from two or more separate pistils ...
AianthousWith flowers appearing throughout the year
AlbuminousWith food reserve in endosperm or albumen, derived from fertilized polar nuclei
AlgaA simple and primitive group of photosynthetic organisms formerly placed in the Plant Kingdom but no...
AlgaeA simple and primitive group of photosynthetic organisms formerly placed in the Plant Kingdom but no...
AllagostemonousHaving stamens attached to petal and torus alternately
AllautogamyCross- and self-fertilization in same plant, as in Viola
AllogamyCross-fertilization in plants
AllopatricIsolated, separated
AlluvialSoil composed of sand, clay or silt which has been dispersed by water.
AlternatePositioned singly at different heights on the stem; one leaf occurring at each node. (Compare with o...g-alternate-aestivation.png
AmentA unisexual spike or elongate axis with simple dichasia that falls as a unit after flowering or frui...
AmorphicFlowers without symmetry; usually with an indefinite number of stamens and carpels, and usually subt...g-amorphic.png
AmphicarpousWith fruits in two environments; e.g., aerial and subterranean
AmphiflorousFlowers above and below ground, as in Amphicarpum
AmphisarcaA berry-like succulent fruit with a crustaceous or woody rind, as in Lagenaria
AmphitropousWith body bent or curved on both sides so that the micropyle is near the medially attached funiculusg-amphitropous.png
AmplexicaulCompletely clasping the stemg-amplexicaul.png
AmplexicauleSee amplexicaul.
AmpliateEnlarged; dilated
AnadromousHaving the first lobe or segment of a pinna arising basiscopically in compound leaves
AnandrousNo stamens or androecium
AnatropousWith body completely inverted so that funiculus is attached basally near adjoining micropyle areag-anatropous.png
AndragamousInflorescence with staminate flowers inside or above and neuter flowers outside or below (andragamoc...g-andragamous.png
AndrodioeciousSome plants with staminate flowers and some with perfect flowers
AndroeciumA collective term for all the stamens and any closely associated structures in a flower.g-androecium.png
AndrogynecandrousInflorescence with staminate flowers above and below pistillate, as in the spikes of some species of...g-androgynecandrous.png
AndrogynophoreThe stipe or column on which stamens and carpels are borneg-androgynophore.png
AndrogynousInflorescence with staminate flowers inside or above and pistillate outside or below (androgynecepha...g-androgynous.png
AndrohermaphroditicInflorescence with staminate flowers inside or above and hermaphroditic outside or below (androherma...g-androhermaphroditic.png
AndromonoeciousPlant with staminate and perfect flowers
AnemophilyPollinated by wind
AngiospermPlants that bear their seeds enclosed in an ovary; the flowering plants. (Compare with gymnosperm.)
AngiospermsThe flowering plants. Plants that produce flowers in which the egg cells (ovules) are covered by a t...
AnisocarpousWith unequal carpels
AnisocotylousWith unequal cotyledons
AnisolateralWith unequal sides
AnisomerousWith different number of members in different whorls
AnisopetalousWith unequal petals
AnisophyllousWith unequal leaves
AnisostylousWith unequal styles
AnnotinalAppearing yearly
AnnualNormally living one year or less; growing, reproducing, and dying within one cycle of seasons.
Annual RingUsually one year's growth of wood; spring and summer wood.
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