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CartilaginousHard and tough but flexible
CarunculateWith an excrescent outgrowth from integuments near the hilum, as in Euphorbia; fibrous with stringy ...
CaryopsisA more or less small, dry fruit that does not split open at maturity (indehiscent), with a thin wall...g-caryopsis.png
CasingCylindrical part of the hypanthium.
CatadromousHaving the first lobe or segment of a pinna arising acroscopically in compound leaves
CataphyllRudimentary scale leaf produced by seedling, usually in cryptocotylar species
CatkinA pendent, more or less flexible, spike-like inflorescence with numerous small flowers, typically of...g-catkin.png
CaudateEnding in a long, tapering, straight or curved, flexible tip; tailed. (Compare with apiculate, arist...g-caudate.png
CaudexA short, thick, vertical or branched perennial stem usually subterranean, or at ground level
CaulineWith leaves positioned along the stem above ground level. (Compare with basal.)
CaulocarpicPlants having the stem living for many years, bearing flowers and fruits
CaulousWith branches more or less evenly spaced along trunk
CenobiumSeparating nutlets which are dry,indehiscent 4-parted fruits with a hard pericarp around a gynobasic...
CentralIn the middle or middle plane of a structure.
Central CanalThe large centrally located air space in the stem
CentrifugalDeveloping from the inside outward, or from top downward
CentripetalDeveloping from the outside inward, or from bottom upward
CentroramousAt the center of the branch
CespitoseShort, much-branched, plant forming a cushion
ChaffScale or bract at base of tubular flower in composites.g-chaff.png
ChalazaEnd of ovule opposite micropyleg-ovule.png
ChalazogamyPollen tube entrance through chalaza
ChamberedInterrupted by more or less regularly spaced cavities. (Compare with continuous, diaphragmed and hol...g-pith-chambered.png
Chambered PithSolid core of pith cells absent, only distinct partitions present.g-pith-chambered.png
ChannelledWith a longitudinal groove.
ChartaceousPapery, opaque and thin
Chasmantheric PollinationPollen transferred from a normally dehisced anther by a pollinating agent with pollen grain germinat...
CheckeredBark divided into small squarish plates, resembling alligator leather, as in flowering dogwood (Corn...
CheiropterophilyPollinated by bats
ChlamydeousWith perianth
ChlorophyllThe green pigment in plants that harnesses the Sun's energy during photosynthesis.
ChoripetalousWith separate petals.
ChorisepalousWith separate sepals.
CiliateWith a fringe of hairs along the margin.g-ciliate.png
CiliolateWith tiny or small marginal trichomes
CincinnusA tight, modified helicoid cyme in which pedicels are short on the developed sideg-cincinnus.png
CircinateWith lamina rolled from apex to base with apex in center of coilg-circinate.png
CircularRound in cross section.
CircumalateWinged circumferentially
CircumferentialEncircling the twig.
CircumneutralGenerally applied to soils and rocks having moderate levels of basic (base-cation) minerals, such as...
Circumscissile capsuleA capsule that splits open (dehisces) by a horizontal line around the fruit, the top coming off as a...g-circumscissile-capsule.png
Circumscissle CapsuleOne that dehisces circumferentially, as in Plantagog-circumscissile-capsule.png
CirrhoseSee cirrhous.g-cirrhous.png
CirrhousMore than 10:1 l/w, coiled and flexuousg-cirrhous.png
CladodeA flattened main stem resembling a leafg-cladode.png
CladodromousWith a single primary vein, the secondary veins not terminating at the margin and freely ramified to...
CladoptosicShedding of branches, stems and leaves simultaneously, as in Taxodium
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