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Botanical Glossary

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AcuminateGradually tapering to a sharp point, forming concave sides along the tip. (Compare with acute.)g-acuminate.png
AcuteTapering to a pointed apex with more or less straight sides, the sides coming together at an angle o...g-acute.png
AdaxialNext to the axis; facing the stem; ventralg-dorsal-ventral.png
AdherentWith unlike parts of organs joined, but only superficially and without actual histological continuit...
AdnateWith unlike parts or organs integrally fused to one another with histological continuity
AdpressedPressed closely to axis upward with angle of divergence 15 degrees or less
AdventitiousStructures or organs arising in a position that is unusual for their type, as roots originating on t...
Adventitious rootRoot arising from part of plant other than root; usually produced laterally on aerial stems.
AeratingVertical or horizontal aboveground roots.g-knee.png
AerialFibrous, adventitious roots, frequently with an adhesive disk; a crampon.
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1,845 Results:   10 25  50  100 per page