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Bast bundlesbundles of thick-walled cells parallel to the midrib, as in Isoetes
BeakPersistent stylar base on fruit
BeardA tuft, line or zone of trichomesg-beard.png
BeardedWith long trichomes usually in a tuft, line or zoneg-beard.png
BentFoliate embryo with expanded and usually thick cotyledons in an axile position bent upon the hypocot...g-bent.png
BerryA fleshy fruit that does not split open at maturity (indehiscent), with few or more seeds (rarely ju...g-berry.png
BibaccaA fused double berry, as in Lonicera
BicrenateWith smaller rounded teeth on larger rounded teeth
BiduousLasting two days
BiennialNormally living two years; germinating or forming and growing vegetatively during one cycle of seaso...
BiferousAppearing twice yearly
BifidCut or divided into two lobes or parts
BiflorousFlowering in autumn as well as in spring
BifoliolateCompound with two leaflets; two-leafleted or geminate. (Compare with bigeminate and trifoliolate.)g-bifoliolate.png
BifurcateDivided into two forks or branches
BigeminateWith two orders of leaflets, each divided into pairs or geminately compound; doubly paired. (Compare...g-bigeminate.png
BijugateWith two orders of leaflets, each bifoliolate; doubly paired.
BilabiateTwo-lipped, with two unequal divisionsg-bilabiate.png
BilateralWith floral parts in two symmetrical halves
Bilaterally symmetricDivisible into two essentially equal portions along only one plane. (Compare with asymmetric and rad...
BimestrialPeriodicity: occurring every two months; duration: lasting two months
BipalmateTwice palmateg-bipalmate.png
Bipalmately compoundWith two orders of leaflets, each palmately compound; twice palmately compound. (Compare with once p...g-bipalmate.png
BipinnateTwice pinnate; with the divisions again pinnately divided.g-bipinnate.png
Bipinnate-pinnatifidTwice pinnately compound with pinnatifid leaflets. (Compare with once pinnate-pinnatifid and tripinn...
Bipinnately compoundWith two orders of leaflets, each pinnately compound; twice pinnately compound. (Compare with once p...g-bipinnate.png
Bipinnately lobedWith two orders of leaf lobing, each pinnately lobed; twice pinnately lobed. (Compare with once pinn...
BiseriateTwo-rowed; in two series
BiserrateWith sharply cut teeth on the margins of larger sharply cut teeth
BisexualHaving functional reproductive structures of both sexes (i.e. male and female) in the same flower or...
BiternateWith two orders of leaflets, each divided into threes or ternately compound; twice trifoliolate. (Co...g-biternate.png
BladeThe flat, expanded portion of a leaf, petal, sepal, etc.
Blade-likeExpanded and flattened, as the main portion or blade of a broad leaf. (Compare with glandular, scale...
BlastocarpousGermination of seeds while within the pericarp, as in Rhizophora
BlotchedThe color disposed in broad, irregular blotches.
BoleThe main stem or trunk of a tree.
BorderedOne color is surrounded by an edging of another. (Compare with edged.)
BostryxA determinate inflorescence in which the branches develop on one side only, appearing simple.
BotanyThe scientific study of plants.
BrackishOf or pertaining to water having a salt concentration of 0.5-30 parts per thousand.
BractA modified, usually reduced leaf, often occurring at the base of a flower or inflorescence.
Bracteal and LaminarMay be localized or found over entire structure
BracteoleSmall leaf, usually on a pedicel.
BractletA secondary or smaller bract.
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