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Water SproutsShoots that develop from dormant lateral buds on the trunk which have very long and frequently varia...
WeakWith armature that tends to break easily.
WhorlAn arrangement of similar anatomical parts (such as leaves) in a circle around a point on an axis.g-whorl.png
WhorledWith three or more leaves positioned on the stem at the same level; three or more leaves occurring a...
WingLateral petals, as in the Fabaceae; a flattened extension, appendage or projection from a perianth p...
WingedHaving one or more elongate, relatively thin protrusions or appendages that loosely resemble wings, ...
Winged BarkBark with one or more thin, flat longitudinal expansions or elongate plates.
Winged NutNut enclosed in a winglike bract, as in Carpinus.g-winged-nut.png
Winter AnnualLiving less than one year but through the winter; germination usually in late fall, and usually flow...
With tieredMain axis with periodic lateral branch production; e.g., Bombax.
Without lateral branchesMain axis ending in a cluster of large leaves; e.g., Carica papaya.
WLThis is an NCNHP designation for any other species believed to be rare and of conservation concern i...
WoodXylem consisting of vessels and/or tracheids, fibers, and parenchyma cells
WoodyWith an aboveground shoot composed of relatively hard tissue that persists from one growing season t...
WrinkledWith small folds or creases.
XenogamyCross-fertilization in plants
YearlyAppearing yearly
ZonedThe same as ocellated, but the concentric bands more numerous. (Compare with ocellated.)
ZonocaulousWith branches intermittently spaced along main stem
ZygomorphicFlowers with bilateral symmetry; parts usually reduced in number and irregular; e.g., Cypripedium, S...g-zygomorphic.png
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1,845 Results:   10 25 50  100 per page