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Two-angledMore or less flat in cross section, with an upper and lower surface.
TypicalStamen with distinct anther and filament with or without thecal appendages, as in Rhexia or Vacciniu...
UmbelAn inflorescence in which individual flower stalks arise from a single point and are approximately o...g-umbel1.png
UmbelletThe secondary umbel in a compound umbelg-umbellet.png
UmbilicateDepressed in the center
UmboProjection, with or without spine or prickle, on the apophysis of the cone scale
UmbonateRound with a projection in centerg-umbonate.png
UmbraculateUmbrella-shaped, as in Sarraceniag-umbraculate-style.png
UnarmedWithout a hook, prickle or other sharply pointed structure on the end of the cone scale.
UnctuousSlick, oily, slippery to touch
Underground StolonA determinate, elongate, underground propagative stem with long internodes forming a bulb or tuber a...g-underground-stolon.png
UnderstoryTrees, shrubs and other plants located beneath and in the shade of larger trees.
UndulateWith the margin undulating or wavy in a vertical plane. (Compare with sinuate.)g-undulate.png
UnicarpellousWith solitary, free carpel in gynoeciumg-unicarpellous.png
UnifoliolateA structurally compound leaf with a single leaflet, making it appear simple, the compound nature of ...g-unifoliolate.png
UnilateralFlowers or other structures on one side of axis
UnilocularWith a single interior compartment or locule. (Compare with multilocular.)
Uninodal ShootSpring shoot developing from the terminal winter bud and producing only one internode with one whorl...
UniseriateOne-rowed; in one series
UnisexualHaving functional reproductive structures of only one sex in the flower or cone. (Compare with bisex...
UnknownRelevant to taxon at hand but status not known; information unavailable.
UnlobedWith no recesses or indentations in the margin, or with indentations extending less than 1/8 the dis...
UrentWith erect, usually long trichomes that produce irritation when touched.g-urent.png
UtricleA more or less small, dry fruit that does not split open at maturity (indehiscent), with a thin blad...g-utricle.png
Vallecular CanalA canal beneath a stem groove
ValvateWith scales (usually two) meeting by the edges without overlapping. (Compare with imbricate.)g-valvate.png
ValvularDehiscing through a pore covered by a flap of tissue. Valvular or Septifragal Capsule - One with val...g-valvular.png
Variably serotinousHaving some cones that open when the seeds ripen and others that remain closed long after the seeds ...
VariegatedThe color disposed in various irregular, sinuous, spaces.
Vascular bundleA strand of conducting tissues and associated cells within a stem or connected structure.
Vegetative1) Of, or relating to, the non-flowering parts of a plant. 2) Producing new plants asexually by the ...
Vegetative FrondFrond lacking sporangia
VelumThe membranous flap covering the sporangium, as in Isoetes
VelutinousCovered with dense, straight, long and soft trichomes; pile-likeg-velutinous.png
VentralPertaining to the surface nearest the axis; inner face of an organ; the upper surface of the leaf; a...g-dorsal-ventral.png
Ventral SideTop side or upper side of a perianth part.g-dorsal-ventral.png
VentricoseInflated on one side near the middle
VentristipularOn ventral side of stipule
VernalAppearing in spring
VersatileDorsifixed but anther seemingly swinging free on the filament
VerticillasterA pair of axillary cymes arising from opposite leaves or bracts and forming a false whorl, as in man...g-verticillaster.png
VerticillateThree or more leaves or other structures per node
VespertineWith flowers opening in the evening or night; appearing or expanding in the evening
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