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TomentoseWith tangled woolly hairs.g-tomentose.png
ToroseCylindrical with contractions at intervals
TortuousIrregularly twistedg-tortuous.png
TorusThe region at end of pedicel or on axis to which flower is attached.
Trace ScarA mark indicating former place of attachment within the leaf scar of the vascular bundle or trace.
TrailingSprawling on ground, usually with adventitious roots
TranspirationThe process in which plants give off excess water into the atmosphere in the form of water vapor.
TransverseDehiscing at rightangles to long axis of theca.g-transverse.png
TreeA relatively tall, woody, perennial plant usually with a single stem (trunk) that bears branches. (C...
TriangularWith three sides and three angles
TrichomeAny type of plant hair (except for root hairs).
TridynamousWith stamens in two equal groups of three
TrifidCut or divided into three lobes or parts
TrifoliateHaving three leaves or three leaflets.
TrifoliolateCompound with three leaflets; three-leafleted or ternate. (Compare with bifoliolate, biternate and t...g-trifoliolate.png
TrifurcateDivided into three forks or branches; three-forked
TriheteranthousHaving different states in three different sets of flowers, only one state present in each set
TriheterophytousHaving different states in three different sets of plants, only one state present in each set
TrileteBasically tetrahedral, but often appearing round or triangular, with three scar lines forming a Y.
Trilete SporeBasically tetrahedral, but often appearing round or triangular, with three scar lines forming a Y
TrimerousWhorl with three members
TrimorphicHaving three different shapes and/or sizes within the same species
TrioeciousPlants staminate, pistillate or perfect
Tripalmately compoundWith three orders of leaflets, each palmately compound; three-times palmately compound. (Compare wit...g-tripalmate.png
Tripinnate-pinnatifidThree times pinnately compound with pinnatifid leaflets. (Compare with bipinnate-pinnatifid and once...
Tripinnately compoundWith three orders of leaflets, each pinnately compound; three-times pinnately compound. (Compare wit...g-tripinnate.png
Tripinnately lobedWith three orders of leaf lobing, each pinnately lobed; three-times pinnately lobed. (Compare with b...g-tripinnate.png
TriquetrousThree-angled with the sides usually concave
TristichousLeaves or other structures in three rows
TriternateWith three orders of leaflets, each divided into threes or ternately compound; three-times trifoliol...g-triternate.png
True indusiumAn epidermal outgrowth protecting the sorus.g-indusium.png
TrullateWith widest axis below middle and with straight margins; ovate but margins straight and angled below...
TruncateWith the apex cut more or less straight across; ending abruptly, almost at right angles to the midri...g-truncate.png
TrunkThe aboveground, relatively stout, main stem of a tree; the bole.
TrymaTwo-four loculed nut surrounded by a dehiscent involucre at maturity, as in most species of Caryag-tryma.png
TubeCylindrical partg-tube.png
TuberA solid, enlarged, horizontal, shortened stem, usually borne below ground and containing food reserv...g-tuber.png
TuberculateWith hard, swollen, persistent base or tubercle. Tuberculate or Verrucose - With a warty surfaceg-tuberculate-style.png
TuberculesSilica deposits on the stem ridges, as in Equisetum
TuberousFleshy roots resembling stem tubers
TurbinateTop-shaped; obconicg-turbinate.png
TurgidTumid or swolleng-turgid.png
TurionAn over-wintering bud, as in Lemna
TwigThe relatively small end portion of a woody branchlet; a small branchlet. (Compare with branchlet.)
TwiningTwisted around a central axis
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