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Syleptic ShootsAbnormal shoots that develop from lateral buds before they have reached maturity
SymmetricDivisible into essentially equal halves along one or more planes. (Compare with asymmetric and nearl...
SympatricCollocated, together
SympetalousWith petals united, at least at the base. (Compare with apopetalous.)
SympodialBranching without a main axis but with many, more or less, equal lateralsg-sympodial.png
SynantherousWith leaves and flowers appearing at same time
SyncarpousWith fused carpelsg-syncarpous.png
SyncotylyCotyledons coalesced, forming a funnel or trumpet
SyngenesiousWith fused anthersg-syngenesious.png
SynoeciousWith all flowers or cones bisexual, i.e. bearing functional reproductive structures of both sexes. (...
SynovariousWith ovaries of adjacent carpels completely fused, styles and stigmas separateg-synovarious.png
SynsepalousWith sepals united, at least at the base. (Compare with aposepalous.)
SynstylovariousWith ovaries and styles of adjacent carpels completely fused, stigmas separateg-synstylovarious.png
SyntropousWith radicle pointing toward hilum
Tannin BearingTannin producing glands found in various parts of the plant, presumably protective in some structure...
Tannin Bearing GlandsTannin producing glands found in various parts of the plant, presumably protective in some structure...
TapAn enlarged vertical main root that is noticeably larger in diameter than any attached lateral roots...g-tap.png
TaprootA single broad root.g-tap.png
TendrilLong, slender, coiling plant organ, adapted for climbing. Formed by modification of a part of a plan...g-tendril.png
Tendril-bearingWith a slender, twining organ used to grasp support for climbing, as grape (Vitis) vines.g-tendril.png
TentacularGlandular-haired or tentacle-bearing insectivorous leaf, as in Droserag-tentacular-leaf.png
TepalA member or segment of perianth in which the parts are not differentiated into distinct sepals and p...g-tepal.png
TereteCylindrical and elongateg-terete.png
TergeminateWith three orders of leaflets, each bifoliolate, or with geminate leaflets ternately compoundg-tergeminate.png
TerminalAt the top, tip, or end of a structure.
Terminal budBud found on the end of a twig.g-collateral-bud.png
Terminal Bud Scale Scar RingsSeveral marks in a ring indicating former places of attachment of bud scales.
TernateIn threes, as a leaf which is divided into three leaflets. (Compare with geminate.)g-ternately-compound.png
Ternately CompoundWith leaflets in three'sg-ternately-compound.png
TessellatedColor arranged in small squares, so as to have some resemblance to a checkered pavement.
TestaThe outer, commonly hard and brittle seed-coat
TetradPollen grains in clusters of four
TetradsGrains occurring in groups of four.
TetradynamousWith stamens in two groups, usually four long and two shortg-tetradynamous.png
TetrahedralHaving the form of a tetrahedron
TetramerousWhorl with four members
TetrandrousWith four stamens
TetrastichousLeaves or other structures in four rows
ThecaOne half of anther containing two pollen sacs or male sporangia
ThornA woody, sharp-pointed, modified stem. (Compare with prickle and spine.)g-thorn.png
thornyBearing thorns.g-thorn.png
ThreatenedA species likely to become endangered within the foreseeable future throughout all or a significant ...
Three-angledMore or less triangular-shaped in cross section.
Three-rankedWith leaves arranged in along the stem in three rows. (Compare with distichous and four-ranked.)
ThroatAn open, expanded tube in the perianth
ThyrseAn elongate, many-flowered inflorescence with an indeterminate main axis or rachis and numerous late...g-thyrse.png
TillerA grass shoot produced from the base of the stemg-tiller.png
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