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AbaxialAway from the axis; the lower surface of the leaf; dorsalg-dorsal-ventral.png
AbcissentFalling off or separating at a specific separation (abcission) layer, as in most deciduous plants
AbsentNo hypanthium present.
AcarpousNo carpels or carpellate whorl; no pistil
AccessoryBuds lateral to or above axillary buds.
Accessory BudBuds lateral to or above axillary buds; Accessory Organs - The calyx and corolla
Accessory fruitA fruit or group of fruits that ripen together and include some accessory tissue (i.e. structures no...
Accessory OrgansThe calyx and corolla.
Accessory parts of fruitsStructures consisting of, or derived from, floral parts other than the pistil, such as sepals, hypan...
AccrescentGrowing after flowering or bud development has occurred, as the sepals in Hypericum and bud scales i...
AccumbentReclinate with cotyledon edges against hypocotylg-accumbent.png
AceroseNeedle-shaped; sharp
AcheneA more or less small, dry fruit that does not split open at maturity (indehiscent), with a typically...g-achene.png
AchenecetumAn aggregation of achenes, as in Ranunculusg-achenecetum.png
AchlamydeousWithout perianth
AcicularVery long and slender, gradually tapering to a point, like a needle; needle-shaped. (Compare with aw...
Acicular LeafNeedle-like, long and slender; e.g., Pinus.
AciculateFinely marked as with pin pricks, fine lines usually randomly arranged
AcidicGenerally applied to soils and rocks having low levels of basic (base-cation) minerals, such as calc...
AcornA nut with a persistent, cup-like structure (cupule) attached at the base consisting of numerous par...
AcrocaulousWith terminal branches
Acrocidal CapsuleOne that dehisces through terminal slits, or fissures, as in Staphyleag-acrocidal-capsule.png
AcrodromousWith two or more primary or strongly developed secondary veins diverging at or above the base of the...
AcropetalDeveloping upward, toward apex
AcroramousLeaves terminal, near apex of branch
AcroscopicFacing apically
ActinodromousWith three or more primary veins diverging radially from a single point at or above the base of the ...
ActinomorphicFlowers with radial symmetry and parts arranged at one level; with definite numbers of parts and siz...g-actinomorphic.png
ActinosteleA protostele having a xylem core in the form of radiating ribs, as viewed in transverse section
AcuminateGradually tapering to a sharp point, forming concave sides along the tip. (Compare with acute.)g-acuminate.png
AcuteTapering to a pointed apex with more or less straight sides, the sides coming together at an angle o...g-acute.png
AdaxialNext to the axis; facing the stem; ventralg-dorsal-ventral.png
AdherentWith unlike parts of organs joined, but only superficially and without actual histological continuit...
AdnateWith unlike parts or organs integrally fused to one another with histological continuity
AdpressedPressed closely to axis upward with angle of divergence 15 degrees or less
AdventitiousStructures or organs arising in a position that is unusual for their type, as roots originating on t...
Adventitious rootRoot arising from part of plant other than root; usually produced laterally on aerial stems.
AeratingVertical or horizontal aboveground roots.g-knee.png
AerialFibrous, adventitious roots, frequently with an adhesive disk; a crampon.
Aerial rootsRoots that grow above ground and are not covered by soil or water.
Aerial stemA prostrate to erect, above ground stem.
AerocaulousWith aerial stems
AerophyllousWith aerial leaves
AestivalAppearing in summer
AgamandrousInflorescence with neuter flowers inside or above and staminate outside or below (agamandrocephalous...g-agamandrous.png
AgamogynousInflorescence with neuter flowers inside or above and pistillate outside or below (agamogynecephalou...g-agamogynous.png
AgamohermaphroditicInflorescence with neuter flowers inside or above and hermaphroditic outside or below (agamohermaphr...g-agamohermaphroditic.png
AgamousWithout sex; sexual organs abortiveg-neuter.png
AgglomerateDense structures with varied angles of divergence
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