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Some Random Botanical Terms

Anterior - Anterior Lobes - The lobes away from axis, toward the subtending bract, abaxial lobes; Anterior Ridg...

Strict - Stiff and rigid

Oblong-ovoid - Intermediate in shape between oblong and ovoid.

Palea - Inner scale subtending grass floret

Lobed - Divided into lobes

Asepalous - No sepals or calyx

Conic - Rounded in cross section, broadest at the base and essentially triangular in outline; cone-shaped.

Scabrous - Rough and sand-papery to the touch, due to structure of the epidermis or to the presence of short st...

Ray - The petal-like flowers that form the outer ring of flower heads in many members of the aster family ...

Corona - A crown; any outgrowth between the stamens and corolla which may be petaline or staminal in origin