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Family SN: Agavaceae
Family CN: Agave Family
Family Parent: [in ASPARAGALES]
Summary: A family of about 25 genera and 640 species, herbs and rosette shrubs, of temperate and tropical America. The placement of Camassia, Schoenolirion, and Hastingsia, sometimes grouped as Hyacinthaceae subfamily Chlorogaloideae, has been uncertain; they are better placed in the Agavaceae, a position supported by molecular, serological, and biogeographic evidence. Hostaceae is included here based on recent molecular analyses (Steele et al. 2012).
Reference: Verhoek & Hess in FNA (2002a); Steele et al. (2012); Bogler & Simpson (1995, 1996); Verhoek in Kubitzki (1998a); Kubitzki in Kubitzki (1998a); Speta in Kubitzki (1998a).
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