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Family SN: Araceae
Family CN: Arum Family
Family Parent: [in ALISMATALES]
Summary: A family of about 100-110 genera and about 3000-4000 species, herbs and reduced aquatic herbs, cosmopolitan, but mostly tropical and subtropical. The Lemnaceae is phylogenetically embedded in the Araceae, and is here included in it as subfamily Lemnoideae (Angiosperm Phylogeny Group 1998, 2003; Keating 2004).
Reference: Thompson in FNA (2000); Cabrera et al. (2008); Cusimano et al. (2011); Mayo, Bogner, & Boyce in Kubitzki (1998b); Keating (2004); Serviss, McDaniel, & Bryson (2000); Landolt in FNA (2000); Landolt (1980); Landolt (1986); Landolt in Kubitzki (1998b); Les & Crawford (1999); Bown (2000).
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